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“We aren’t fighting FOR victory, we’re fighting FROM a place of victory.” Somebody smart said those words, words that are so hard for someone like me to internalize and experience. Step into His authority, His power, His victory. It’s that simple, but “simple” can be a deceptive thing indeed. Piece of cake, right?

We walk in victory, victory that was accomplished long ago on the cross. It is finished and Jesus Christ is now seated at the right hand of the Father. All of our struggles, all of our battles, begin with that victory. That’s counter intuitive, it’s contrary to the ways of the world. First we fight, than we achieve victory….or defeat, right? The thing is, we’ve already won, or rather, He has won on our behalf. The battle has already been waged and the ransom has been paid in full. All we really have to do is surrender all and step into His victory. Reach out and claim it. Receive it.

I’m laughing here, but receiving can be really hard, even when we are speaking of receiving victory. Somebody else smart once said, “it’s not failure we tend to fear, but success.” Victory! I don’t know why that is, but I have sensed that in my own self. Success can be kind of spooky, disconcerting, unfamiliar. I can’t control it. It speaks to vulnerability and a need for trust.

There’s a bit of churchian culture concerned about “name it and claim it,” about positive thinking, about prosperity gospels, about the dangers that might lurk in believing our words matter, that the words we speak over ourselves have genuine power. I can see a lot of sides to those issues, I can understand some of the concerns, the potential pitfalls. Just the same I have to agree with one part of all that, “name it and claim it” when it comes to His victory and lean into His authority. Or as I like to say, “she who is under Authority, has authority.”