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“That’s why Dalrock and Vox have entirely different and conflicting interpretations from IB, yet they are all (ostensibly) debating from the same source material. And each, unsurprisingly, believes his or her interpretation to be “the right one”.

This is a snipet of a comment made by Liz at Leelee of Babylon’s place. I snagged it because it mentions me and sums up something that weighs so heavy on my heart. Liz is speaking of faith, debate, and biblical interpretations.

I have to double down here and be really quite firm. I am right. I say that with a good understanding of scripture and the full conviction of the Holy Spirit. There is no middle ground here, there is no debate. There is simply right and wrong. We are not debating from “the same source material,” at all, meaning the bible.

It weighs heavy on my heart because people turn to the red pill Christians, read their words and think this is representative of faith, of Christianity, of who and what Christ is. Everyone who claims His name represents Him in the eyes of others, and as such they are required to do so with accountability.

We are not speaking of slight doctrinal differences here, we are not discussing communion crackers versus wafers, these are major heresies. They are heresies that will not only lead you astray in your Christian walk, they will literally drive any reasoning person  away from faith entirely.

So Vox Day says many outlandish things that are not scriptural at all, for example, “The reality is that the only way to Make America Great Again is to Make America White Again. The two slogans are synonymous.”

Dalrock is trapped in perpetual hatred for his sisters. I’m not going to rehash all the ugliness, all the hatred, all the false teachings. I’ve blogged about these things extensively. Are they right about some things? You bet. There is often some truth behind some of the things they say. However, their faith is not built on love, it is built on hatred and it is devoid of grace. It is all about control and fear. The fruits are rotten there. fermenting.

There is no debate here. There is no fair and equal, there is only Christ and not Christ. That garbage is not of Christ. You’re piercing my heart because Liz’s comment is only one of many I have read, comments that call me to speak louder, to be bolder, to proclaim His name the right way, until enough of us drown out all that darkness and no one can ever say that Jesus Christ stands for hatred.