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There’s been some interesting discussions going on at Violet’s place, feminism, egalitarianism, prostitution, privilege, and leftism. I’m laughing here, but believe it or not, all those subjects tie into one another.

So, many are under the impression that lefties are all about the helping the little people whereas “conservatism is – maintaining the status quo for the group of people who hold most power, for whom life is easiest.”

Being one of the little people who also leans rather conservative, I completely disagree. Also, sometimes the elitism and privilege of academic lefties can just boggle my brain, but that’s a post for another day. In the process of these discussions, Violet said:

“Seeing as you’ve assigned yourself to the bottom rung of society’s ladder, you should do a post on what you view are the avenues out. Try to avoid suggesting praying.”

That’s a great idea! First of all, may I just lament and bemoan the privilege and elitism inherent in such a statement?  I assume the desperate need for “avenues out” implies that the avenue one is in, is somehow vastly inferior? In case this inferior status wasn’t made quite clear, I believe the the word “pity” was used a couple of times.

So, step one in helping the bottom rung of society, stop perceiving people with pity and acting as if their situation, lives, circumstances are somehow inferior to yours. This is demeaning and totally robs people of their power. There was a time in the US when most of us were poor and yet few of us even knew it. That was before lefties decided to step in and “help” by labeling everyone under privileged, at risk, deprived, unequal, inferior, pitiful, victims….

Step Two, you know I’m going to go here, but Try to avoid suggesting praying? I don’t think so! In fact the precise opposite.  Bring back public prayer! Prayer is about hope and so much more. When I was a child in this country people prayed in public all the time, at school, in restaurants, at football games, before political meetings. People who are poor, struggling, oppressed, need prayer and need to see prayer happening publicly perhaps more than anyone else. Prayer is a sign of hope and encouragment, it’s an expression of concern, it’s a symbol of unity. How unkind to try to deprive the oppressed of prayer itself! Martin Luther King was a pastor for goodness sakes, those marches were born of prayer.

Step three, get the thumb off people’s backs and let them find their own way. People don’t need a six dollar increase in food stamps, they need jobs, housing, and the freedom to provide for themselves, to innovate, to build, without endless regulations that trap them in poverty. And they sure as heck don’t need a mandatory insurance policy they cannot afford with deductables that exceed their entire income and fines for non compliance. People are trapped in poverty for two, three, four generations, because every time they turn around somebody in government is trying to “help”….keep them in their place.

Step Four, drop the darn elitism. Not everybody needs a four year degree at an overpriced ivy league university in order to succeed. In fact, some of the dumbest people I know have graduated from those universities. Bring back trade schools, start honoring blue collar work again. Plumbers, electricians, contractors can earn as much, if not more, that people with four year degrees. Even Einstein said if he had to do it all over, he would have been a plumber. Those are the people who make our world go around, not some woman’s studies professor.

Step Five, start nurturing and encouraging marriage and families. Intact marriages and healthy families tend to do better financially. It’s better for kids, it’s better for building communities, and it is far more fruitful economically. As awesome as some single parents are, they usually struggle financially, they’re less able to afford to buy homes, and they have less time to start businesses. Families are an important foundation for economic success.

So Violet, all in good humor here, but lefty loserism is actually all about doing those things in reverse, pity people and rob them of their power creating learned helplessness, ban prayer and take away hope, regulate and control people until they’re trapped in poverty, cultivate elitism so blue collar work is no longer valued (and be sure to pile on the debt, too)and than work to dismantle the traditional family.

Separate, divide, and control. I could not have designed a better system guaranteed to impoverish and oppress the most number of people if I tried. It’s like an elaborate scheme to send us all crashing to the bottom. And why? For what? Because you pity someone? Perceive them as inferior? Don’t believe people can make it without you? Because people’s struggles make you uncomfortable? Because prayer offends you? Because you hope to remake the world into your own image?

Ah, yep. I think it’s that last one. In your image, not His. And that is why atheism, secularism, and leftism love to dance together.