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Tomassi of Rational Male fame left me a comment here, and of course I cannot respond to him directly because he has banned me. I do of course object to his contemptuous tone and constant insults, as well as his attempts to keep me from responding. I also object to his rather passive/ aggressive, and dare I say, feminine style of speaking down about me at other blogs. However, the on going debate has actually been about the feminization of the church and how the Holy Spirit has allegedly been replaced by the feminine imperative.

“The reason you will never ‘win’ debating a willfully ignorant mind like that of Insanity’s is because her religious distemper can always fall back on the “no true Scotsman” argument. ‘Real’ Christians will never replace the Holy Spirit with the FI, yet this is precisely what we see happening in popular christian culture.”

First off, I don’t have distemper. Although I do bite sometimes, I’ve been vaccinated. Second of all, I actually married a true Scotsman. That bit of irrelevant info is a true scotsman. But third, I am only interested in “real Christians.” In fact, that is my very point, anyone who follows Christ is following Christ, not other people, not churches, and not some red pill blogger some where. It is a fact, “real Christians” will never replace the Holy Spirit with the female imperative. If one is instead following popular culture, than one is not actually following Christ. Popular culture is a train wreck of massive proportions, but popular culture is not Christ, it is not scripture, and certainly not the Holy Spirit.

“Dalrock has, for over half a decade, documented instance after instance of exactly the dynamic I described. There are so many examples of the insaturation of the feminine-imperative, so many personal and public accounts it’s an indictment of Insanity’s personal agenda when she ignorantly turns a blind eye to it. Either that or this shift has taken place so deftly she honestly can’t see it.”

First of all, Dalrock has spent half a decade lamenting and bemoaning the existence of women and encouraging men to stay away from the church and to wallow in endless bitterness and resentment about their miserable lot in life. Just as feminists endlessly lament the horrors of patriarchal religion, Dalrock endlessly laments the horrors of what he perceives to be matriarchal religion. And Atheists endlessly lament the horrors of the Emperor Constantine. So what? One’s personal perceptions are not always reality, nor are they truth. One will see what they choose to see and confirm their own biases by what they decide to focus on.

“That said, when I made the assertion that the Feminine Imperative has replaced the Holy Spirit, I don’t, of course, mean that in the literal sense that Insanity refuses to wrap her head around. What I mean is that the imperative has become part of church culture’s social doctrines. When you have high profile christians proclaiming that women are “closer to God than men ever could hope to be” you start to see how the FI is becoming more and more comfortable in exercising its influence more openly.”

I’ve never heard that “women are closer to God than men ever could hope to be.” I’ve heard that, “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus. Galatians 3:28. I’ve heard that men were created in God’s image. I’ve heard that Adam said women were bone of my bone, and flesh of my flesh. I’ve heard that men are the sons of a most High God, so favored and valued Christ died on the cross for us. I’ve heard that  men are to love their wives like Christ loves the church.

“When your doctrine revolves around, soft, malleable, men raised to defer and serve women, to pedestalize their mysterious “more godly” wonder, and hope against hope one will deign to tolerate a poor, bewildered christian man (who must forgive all her past indiscretions), you can see how this social hierarchy starts. When you have christian men shaming and deriding (AMOGing) other christian men for not carrying that water as a sexual strategy then you can see how the FI has infiltrated the church with the “lets you and him fight” social convention.”

Ah, so much wounding and offended pride in that one paragraph, one hardly knows where to start. All Christians are to have soft, malleable hearts, and to be in service to Christ and to one another. One must have surrendered some pride and been willing to let Christ into their heart, just to avail themselves of salvation. He is the potter, we are the clay. One must be malleable and allow Him to work within us.

Men try to pour things into the abyss of their souls all the time, money, power, drugs, status, sex, women. That is not Christ, that is the world. If one is trying to pedestalize their mysterious “more godly” wonder,  one is engaging in a kind of goddess worship and idolatry, not following Christ.

“What Insanity is either too stupid or too invested to acknowledge is that, in a spiritual sense, the Holy Spirit is still what it’s always been, but the FI has appropriated the doctrinal concept of the Holy Spirit in a cultural sense in order to effect its ends. High profile religious men then pick up this appropriation to effect their own sexual strategy by using it as a means to identify better with the women they hope will improve their status with.”

First of all, the Holy Spirit is not an “it.” The Holy Spirit is a person, one we can actually grieve by disrespecting.

The way you speak of the Female Imperative, FI, becomes a bit disturbing, as if “it” were actually a person, some odd form of artificial intelligence that has now “appropriated the doctrinal concept of the Holy Spirit.” Frankly, that really creeps me out, and ironically it assigns women far more power than we actually have, the power to actually supplant the Holy Spirit? No, just no.

“So yes, women are more Holy than men, more close to God than men, because to suggest otherwise is to invite women’s disapproval. Solution: equate the Feminine Imperative with the will of the Holy Spirit. It’s important to remember that Christian men are every bit as complicit in establishing this as the women who both enjoy it and expect that Godly superiority to men (being better conduits to God) as a feminine entitlement.”

To suggest otherwise is to invite women’s disapproval? You mean some men have allowed the approval of women to become more important to them than the approval of God Himself? And this is somehow the fault of women? Ai yi yi.

There is a solution to that kind of religious envy, that fear that women may be more Holy than men, and that is to get off your behind, lead the way, and show her how following  Christ is actually done.