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“Considering the original design of Creation, it is no surprise that God used a man and a woman walking in oneness with Him and one another, to bring His plan of redemption into the world” -Danny Silk.

I don’t even really know who Danny Silk is, but I do like some of his quotes, and this one is right down my alley. The need for healthy relationships between men and women is a concept that has been pressed upon me for  a number of years, an idea that has huge spiritual implications, with multiple profound layers.

Just in superficial terms, our continuation as a species kind of depends on it. In terms of emotional healing, men and women exist in direct symbiosis with each other. One simply cannot love themselves, if they are busy hating on the other half of the human race.

Honor your mother and father takes on profound implications when you recognize that to do so will require you to learn to empathize with the other gender, flaws and all, and to embrace them as a part of yourself.

One thing I love about scripture is the resolution, the reconciliation, the chance to get it right, that you will find all through out the bible. They remind me of concentric circles. Themes repeat themselves, but resolve each time. Adam and Eve fell in the garden, but men and women come together again to bring a Savior into the world. Where Adam may have tried to say “this woman you gave me,” in Genesis, Joseph is now given the opportunity to father a child he did not create. He is really called to step up to the plate there and he does it beautifully. A man and a woman walking in oneness with Him… and one another, helped to bring our Savior in to the world.

Eve has eaten the fruit and caused the fall, but Mary is chosen to give birth to Redemption. If Adam ever dropped the ball in the garden, Joseph now rises to the occasion. God not only has a plan, He has a plan in perfect measure, each note so harmonious and melodic it really is like music.

SSM is really only one issue that concerns me, for years I’ve been talking about feminism, no fault divorce, men’s rights, healing and reconciliation, healthy relationships, the nature of family, love and romance, children. Issues around abuse of state power, the destruction of natural law, the dishonoring of the sanctity of biology and the traditions we have built around it. There is another story full of concentric circles that has been unfolding too,  in a completely different way.

That story that began in that garden long ago, things get a bit bumpy for a while in the book, rather terrifying actually, but it all ends with a wedding, and through out the whole process we are called to rejoice, to take heart.

All though time, what has often proven to make those bumpy rides a little less bumpy has been people walking in oneness with Him and one another.