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Some may not understand this post and that’s okay, but indifference is cowardice and weakness. It is not a weapon to be used to ostracize and bully others into compliance, it is a symptom of a human failing based on pride and fear. To be indifferent is to be a coward.

I have an issue with cowards and bullies, I cannot abide either, but actually they are one and the same. Bullies are just cowards in disguise.

The opposite of love is not hate, it is indifference. It is where one walls themselves off from empathy, wraps themselves in arrogance and pride, and refuses to see the humanity in others, or even in your own self. It is about having a hard heart because you fear your own pain. To love is to hurt and that is just as true in romance as it is in having love for your fellow man. People will break your heart, that is what people do.

To attempt to walk in the world with a soft heart, keeping your face to the Light is extremely painful. You have to feel. You have to put yourself in others shoes. You have to care. And you have to endlessly repair the damage done to your own self, the price you will pay for caring. Keeping your heart soft heart in an insane world is not so easy. The world seeks to change us, to harden us and transform us into something we were never intended to be. It is a kind of war we wage, but victory is not to be found in attempting to wall oneself off protectively, defensively, timidly, celebrating our own perceived indifference.

It is an insane act of defiance against the world to go forth boldly with a soft heart. It is irrational, illogical, and bound to get you stomped on. It is also the right thing to do and very brave. That is where triumph lives, that is where victory is to be found. It’s called the triumph of hope over experience. Beauty for ashes. You have to fight for it.

They are so many people in the world who have walked in dark places, who are intimately acquainted with man’s inhumanity to man, who know exactly what evil is to be found there and yet they persist, they believe, they hope in spite of everything they have seen. They refuse to believe what they know, what is reinforced all around them, and they keep their eyes focused on something better, on another way.

Is it courageous to accept “reality,” to congratulate yourself on your ability to confront it as it really is with complete indifference?Β  No, that is actually to lay down and die, to throw in the towel and opt out.Β  Because there is always a huge deception there, your own perceptions of what “reality” is, are subjective, limited, and often based on experiences and wounding.

Is it foolish to believe in a reality you cannot see? Oh yes, from the perspective of logic and reason, it is quite foolish. It requires endless sacrifice and a willingness to experience discomfort. There really is no obvious payoff except to have defied the world and triumphed.

John 16:33 tells us, “In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.

Christ paved the way for us all to follow in His footsteps and overcome the world. Indifference however, is the precise opposite of what He taught.