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I am a big fan of free speech and the freedom to write what you want without having to apply a filter of political correctness. Freedom however, does not mean that you are not accountable for your words or that you are entitled to be protected from all criticism.

Do I take full responsibility for my own words? You bet and people are free to call me out on any of them. I’ll either stand by them or change my opinion.

Vox Day, Theodore Beale, who is a sci/fi author, used to write for WND long ago, and likes to promote and advocate outlandish ideas generally related to bigotry and hatred, likes to perceive himself as venetian glass, as a special snowflake entitled to say and do whatever he wants.

He does not respond well to criticism, even the gentlest and most respectful. In fact, he and his so-called Dread Ilk, his roving band of minions, like to attempt to bully and terrorize any opposition they receive. They do this by attempting assorted forms of intimidation, like threatening to dox people, to twitter out their real name, address, phone number, and social security number, therefore encouraging random strangers to harass them. They especially enjoy doing this to women, likely because we are softer targets, and easier to frighten and terrorize.

If you’ve ever been doxxed, it can be rather scary. Random strangers now have your address and phone number, often the names of your children and family members. There are people on the internet who genuinely get off on attempting to terrorize doxxed women for their perceived crimes. It makes them feel powerful and feeds their revenge fantasies.

I have been doxxed so many times, I have just rather defiantly doxxed my own self. No, I’m simply not going to play that game. I believe it’s wrong to hold privacy over someone’s head. You can’t dox me, I’m already doxxed.

I have been on the war path against internet bullying and doxxing for sometime now. I find it to be appalling behavior. Those who dox others believe their hands are clean, since they have only released the private info, not actually acted on it. This is false, the entire purpose of doxxing someone is in the hopes that psycho will come along and terrorize them into silence.

I have attempted to comment directly to Vox Day, but he simply accuses me of being a cyberstalker, uses obscenities, and threatens to call the cops. He has posted my full name and email address on several occasions. Thou shall not speak out against anything written by the so-called Voice of God, apparently.

It’s somewhat ridiculous to have a man bully and threaten you, only to turn around and claim he’s going to have you charged with harassment. This is like calling the cops because you got the wrong sauce with your chicken nuggets at the McDonald’s drive through window. Stuff and nonsense.

I believe we are morally compelled to speak out against things we see that are not right. Many of his so-called followers and fans are so enamored by the idea of Vox Day, I doubt they read half of what he writes.

Those who call themselves Christians and advocate not only some of these hate filled ideas, but also this bullying behavior, should really take a hard look at themselves and what they are doing and endorsing. It’s just not right.

A few of the articles from VD I have criticized:

“I will not be in the least bit surprised if Anders Breivik is one day regarded as a national hero in Norway, much like George Washington and William Tell, two men who also offered murderous resistance to their own governments.”


“In light of the strong correlation between female education and demographic decline, a purely empirical perspective on Malala Yousafzai, the poster girl for global female education, may indicate that the Taliban’s attempt to silence her was perfectly rational and scientifically justifiable.”


“..always punch back twice as hard. The second rule is this: keep punching. Women are particularly susceptible to attacks on their appearance and their sexual behavior, so those are the most effective subjects to target..”


(Regarding sex trafficking) “God abandons the human trash determined to go its own way and leaves it to its inevitable destruction. Man should follow his example.”


Vox Day likes to engage in rhetorical trickery as a way of evading accountability for his own words. In theory he can claim he’s not really saying what he’s saying, because it’s just that most people don’t recognize his so-called superior intelligence. In the case of Malala Yousafzai, by claiming that shooting her in the head was “perfectly rational and scientifically justifiable,” he leaves himself an out. He thinks it’s okay for him to speak these words because he never actually equated “rational and scientific” with “moral.”

Complete Baloney. 80% of the general population is incapable of perceiving the subtleties to be found there and will therefore receive his words as approval and endorsement of violence. VD is intelligent enough to understand this, which is why he does it. He advocates outright hatred and violence while maintaining the illusion of keeping his own hands clean.

This is dangerous and harmful behavior and I’m not going to be silent about it.

As to the assorted threats to report me to the proper authorities, you do that Mr. Beale. I’ll leave this preemptive confession posted on the front of my blog.