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Okay, so I’ve got a few comments today that have been deliberately tossed into my spam folder with the other potted meat products. I love debate, different opinions, discussion, but you can’t simply drive by and try to post sloppy insults towards me or other people making comments. There really is nothing more pathetic then a poorly worded insult.

I actually get a surprising amount of negative responses on the internet and in person, some rather violent ones, actually. It makes the kind, or even the simply rational comments and discussion, all the sweeter.

If I took all this hostility seriously, I’d be walking around in a constant state of paranoia.

As to the internet bullies threatening to dox and hack me, whatever. Been there and done that, so many times, I actually just went ahead and doxed my own self. I’m not a celebrity or a politician, I don’t have a double life to protect, nor do I particularly care what people think of me.

There are a couple of pseudo Christians however, that have made some rather obscene and hostile comments. Those actually hurt, folks, like a punch in the gut. There’s something that just shatters in my soul when I realize you’re out in your communities supposedly representing Christ, but revealing what’s truly in your heart when you attack me with some pretty vulgar and pornographic threats. If you want to know why there is so much resistance to Christ in the world, why Christianity is sometimes perceived as oppressive and hateful, it is flat out because of some of the awful behavior of those claiming to be His followers. That is painful stuff for me, I don’t like seeing His name maligned. It is heartbreaking to contemplate.

So, as usual, attempt to act like a human. If anyone really perceives my rather gentle words as a threat to their entire identity, I don’t know what to tell you. Perhaps you need to find a better identity.