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This actually steamed me up so much I backed out of any “shirtstorm” discussions, least I loose my cool and say something I’d regret. There’s just something about watching a grown man so bullied by women  he’s apologizing and choking back tears, that really pushes my buttons. Maybe it’s the mom in me, who knows, but I can hardly stand it. It’s heart breaking and infuriating and I dislike it.

For those who don’t know, Matt Taylor is the guy who wore the wrong shirt on TV, a shirt with sexy cartoon women on it, who was just slammed in multiple twitter and facebook wars for his alleged misogyny and sexism and general epic failure as a human being. He’s also the British scientist involved in the Rosetta Project to land a spacecraft on a comet.

It’s the biggest day of his life, a huge accomplishment, and rather then getting to enjoy his moment in the sun, he gets accused of oppressing women…with his shirt. Women who ironically are also busy out objectifying themselves like mad this week. Apparently exposing your own rear end for the cameras is female empowerment, but a man wearing a shirt with cartoon women in suggestive poses is demeaning to all women everywhere. How does that even work?

It’s not women objectifying themselves that concerns me at the moment, but the cruelty and viciousness behind some of these attacks. You just made a guy who landed on a comet feel like an epic failure as a human being.

Matt Taylor, your shirt was cute and I’m so sorry you had to meet the Social Justice Warriors. They’re an ugly bunch.

For those who ever wonder why I don’t get all warm and fuzzy about the idea of living in a matriarchy, this is why. Women can sometimes have a careless kind of cruelty about them that really has no boundaries, no limitations, and no remorse.