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” Nights in white satin. Never reaching the end Letters I’ve written  Never meaning to send”

Lighten up the wind whispers. Close your eyes and feel the music.

Spring has sprung and I find myself madly in love again, absolutely bedazzled by the
wonder of it all. So befuddled, bemused, and gloriously happy, I actually walked
face first into a cherry tree and got caught in a fragrant snowstorm of pink blossoms.

“Beauty I’ve always missed  With these eyes before  Just what the truth is  I can’t say any more”

It is breathtakingly beautiful where I live, snow capped mountains that flow all the way to the sea,
ferns everywhere, Dogwoods blooming so elegantly. We spend most of the year cloaked in a marine layer
so thick, the world around us becomes invisible. When the sun decides to reveal itself, it’s like
discovering a whole new world we’d forgotten all about.

“‘Cause I love you  Yes I love you  Oh how I love you”

lilyThere is sweet music coming from the frogs, the crickets, the birds, a cacophony of sounds that jars the senses. My world is just teeming with life. You can hear it, smell it, taste it, reach out and touch it. It overwhelms my senses and sometimes I have to just close my eyes and feel the music. Oh, how I love you..

“Gazing at people some hand in hand  Just what I’m going through they can’t understand
Some try to tell me thoughts they cannot defend 

Just what you want to be you will be in the end”

The water glistens, ice cold, but looking so deceptively tropical, it’s hard not to plunge in. I know what
it is like to plunge into that water. One would think the chill would jar you awake but it doesn’t, it lulls
you to sleep, like anesthesia. Three minutes and hypothermia starts to set in. As children we used to compete to see who could come the closest to death and delight in how purple we were. My teeth used to chatter so bad I couldn’t even speak. With the pure delight and the innocence of children we’d declare, “awesome, is this what it’s like to freeze to death?”

“And I love you  Yes I love you  Oh how I love you Oh how I love you”

Being in love is a bit like that, a magical place where common sense does not exist and even the mysteries of death seem delightful and new. Once again I find myself in love with all of Creation, not the artistry so much as the Artist, and I cannot take my eyes off of Him for fear I’ll miss one precious moment.

Life is such a beautiful love story.

“Nights in white satin  Never reaching the end  Letters I’ve written  Never meaning to send.”

white satin