Of newborns, scorpions, and riots


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It feels almost impolite to say such a thing while the world around me burns, but it’s very true and so I’m going to just have to double down here. I am so blessed and highly favored. I am the apple of my Father’s eye! It actually says that in the Bible. I don’t always “feel it” on an emotional level, but I make a point of proclaiming it and the evidence of that truth always seems to find its way right to me.

Actually feeling all teary grateful right now.

You know all this stuff that’s going on in the country?  THIS is what happens when you ban hugs and forbid churches to meet. Seriously. I could draw you some Venn diagrams and write about Antifa and Marxism and Rules for Radicals and Russian psy/ops, but none of that really matters, because flat out, this is what happens when you ban hugs. It’s that simple. The details are really irrelevant.

Hugs have tremendous power.

I was actually only a few days old when my parents took me to the Watts riots. There’s also a picture of newborn me somewhere with a scorpion crawling on my blanket. My parents didn’t realize there was a scorpion until after the photo was developed much later. It took weeks to get pictures back in those days. We had to develop film. I just mention it because when I was only a few days old I was at a riot while the world around me burned, and I took a nap with a poisonous arachnid.

There are some thing worse then being six feet under. Never knowing and experiencing the Father’s great love for you, for example. Not realizing you are the apple of His eye, that He made a tremendous investment in you. Not knowing His goodness, not knowing how close, how available to us He really is.

Did you know there was also a nasty pandemic during Woodstock? There was. The Hong Kong flu killed at least a million people. There was some concern, some press coverage but no lockdowns. I just mention it because the Bible says, “there is nothing new under the sun” and I really believe that. The longer you live, the more you see history just repeating itself. Some words I really dislike are, “unprecedented” and “exponentially.” Those are words designed to invoke fear. What do we fear the most? The unknown! Nothing is unknown to God. Heck, much of it can even be known by us if we’re the least bit interested.

I wish the Watts riots were simply about black folks, about justice, about housing, about ending police brutality. Let me tell you, LA cops back in the day sure weren’t holding hands and singing kumbaya. There have been some brutal reigns in that area, no doubt at all that government is force and that brutality is control. I wish more people understood that when they’re trying to increase the size of government and the amount of power it has. The thing is, the Watts riots soon had so many people with different agendas all over them it would make your head spin. Opportunists. Provocateurs. Double agents. Land management folks. Politicians. The Nation of Islam. The far left. Drug cartels. Probably the CIA, the FBI, the whole can of alphabet soup, too.

Then there were the tools, the useful idiots, those who were easily played, the wannabe revolutionaries, romanced into a grand LARP-ing adventure they didn’t even understand. Hey kid, I hid some bricks on forth avenue….

We’ve seen this very same scenario play out so, so many times. I can’t fix it, but I can sure as heck tell you it isn’t “unprecedented.” It’s like a really bad rerun, a record stuck on a scratch.

All you social justice warriors on Twitter, Facebook, all you Antifa tools and useful idiots,  all you politicians trying to stir the pot, those who pretend to care so, so much. So, so much “caring!” Well, if you actually care about people than you hug them. You invite them to church. You teach them that they are blessed and highly favored. You love them. You show them that they are the apple of their Father’s eye. You treat them as if they were. You help them learn how to proclaim it themselves and the evidence of that truth will always find it’s way to them.

THIS burning world is what happens when you ban hugs and forbid churches to meet. It really is that simple. No donkey, no elephant, and for crying out loud, no greater show of government force, will ever fix it.

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