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Pastor Doug Wilson has written a book called “Mere Christendom. “

This kind of all goes along with Stephen Wolfe’s book, “The Case for Christian Nationalism,” which was recently published by Canon press and advocated for by Wilson.

Scott Aniol has written a review of Wilson’s “Mere Christiandom” in a post called, “A Review of Mere Christendom by Doug Wilson” It was fairly well said and covered all the bases.

So what is this all about? The debate over Christian nationalism. Well actually, in the social media world of Christian Twitter, we are currently celebrating yoga pants season, the modesty debate fight/feast held every spring. I still have my “did King David rape Bathesheba” decorations up, but whatever, time marches on! Yoga pants season will conclude in a few weeks with a Weds night soup potluck before we ritualistically move on to the next season of recurring and redundant debates.

While I was attempting to avoid watching the recent English coronation of King Charles, I did catch a few glimpses of it in memes and photos. My first thought was, so is this Christian nationalism?? Because if so, I want no part of this! In fact, some of my ancestors laid down their very lives to get us out from under this kind of regime.

You’ll have to forgive me, the Angelican church, the Church of England, all the way across the waters to the alleged Catholic faith of the current US President has made my life very confusing. Here in what I call the 9th circuit of hell, we also have a kind of “Christian nationalism” going on. It just so happens to be very woke and very liberal Christian nationalism, but the rules are still the same. Comply or be roasted.

No thank you.

Never mind what “Christian nationalism” might actually look like in practice, half the time I don’t even know what a “Christian” looks like! Well, actually I do, I have a good feel for that sort of thing, I am just saying that while President Biden and King Charles are said to be Christians and given worldly credentials and everything, I happen to have a good two dozen emails proclaiming myself to be a heretic, unsaved and unsavory to boot.

Alas, when we do usher in this, “Mere Christendom” I surely won’t be the one running things. That’s a bigger loss to y’all than it is to me, I am just saying those in charge of the “new” Christian Nationalism are going to be exactly like who we see in charge of it right now! President Biden, King Charles, the World Economic Forum, and assorted other incompetent and/or malevolent “Christian” characters.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss, stuck in the middle with you…

Heck, I recently read a charming tweet from someone claiming to be a Christian who seems to believe that those who wear yoga pants and “lead their brothers to sin,” should be raped and dismembered. No word yet on which gender was wearing the yoga pants that so tempted and offended him, but on general principle alone I am totally opposed to dismembering people.

It’s darkly humorous and sometimes downright terrifying how many people seem to conflate “discipling nations” with “disciplining nations.” To disciple means “to teach.” A disciple is one who is being taught. A disciple is NOT one who doles out punishment.

Apparently there is a great deal of confusion over this one little point and I’m afraid it is just a huge deal breaker. I cannot possibly get behind anyone who doesn’t seem to know the difference. The Bible is pretty clear, “There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear. For fear has to do with punishment, and whoever fears has not been perfected in love.”

Most of us humans have not been perfected in love, therefore power, control, fear, and punishment, pretty much rule the day, all things we are often taught from childhood and are now deeply ingrained.

I even strongly disagree with Scott Aniol when he says, “Jesus does want a theocracy. And he will get what he wants, when he comes again in glory to judge the living and the dead. And it won’t be mere Christendom—it will be totalitarian, rule-with-a-rod-of iron theocracy.”

No! That is what recreating God in our own image looks like, a totalitarian theocracy ruled with an iron fist by an egotistical dictator. Nope, that is so not the God I know, not even close, but it sure fits the bill for assorted tyrants and bullies all throughout human history, who thought they were gods.

Accept no substitutes.

I am a Christian, a patriot, and even a nationalist, so in theory “Christian nationalism” is sort of my natural inclination. It sounds like a delightful utopian vision, with lots of shared values, a love for our neighbors, and everyone singing kumbaya. However without fail the Lord just keeps showing me over and over again, see, this is why you can’t have nice things.