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I know, the world is going to hell in a hand basket and what do I chose to lament about? Pseudo censorship, the uneven playing field of the blogging world, the bias of algorithms.

I got so fed up with Facebook kicking me out for doing nothing wrong, I finally just kicked them out first. Some of the censorship is deliberate, as in a real live person, a fact checker decided they don’t like your content because you remind them of their abusive mother and they haven’t been getting enough fiber in their diet. Than there are the automatic algorithms that are equally as mindless and roam about looking for key words to lock down on. I won’t even go into the deliberate, political, suppression of free speech, but that is also well documented. So I often wind up shadow banned in some way, restricted, or even suspended for 3 days while everything is put on my permanent record, the one I allegedly started in Jr High.

These things all reduce your ability to share content and interact with other people.

So what really gets my gall, is that I sometimes have to take a break from Twitter because I am absolutely sick and tired of seeing the same perverse picture repeated all across my timeline. There is no “click to view this content” or “sensitive content warning” when you got two transgendered guys in a lip lock. Also not censored, many post surgical photos of sex change surgery. Yeah, that one is just depressing but also a powerful appetite suppressant. That is the kind of thing one should use “sensitive content warnings” for. Doesn’t matter what the politics are, I don’t want to celebrate your hemorrhoid surgery either, not with a full photo journal.

What are sensitive content warnings actually for? Sleeping kitty cats. An encouraging, “Jesus loves you.” An occasional, “God bless America.” A fully clothed girl lying in a field of sunflowers. Ironically, if she hadn’t been wearing any clothes she probably would have got past the censors.

So here is an actual screenshot from my Twitter yesterday:

Yep, be kind to one another, “don’t bite and devour” got me a sensitivity warning. And what terrifying photo lies beneath the blocked link? This one:

Seriously. And so my blogging content is now restricted, labeled dangerous, “potentially sensitive” and will not be fully curated to people’s time lines. This is really easy to document if you have any friends. I do have a handful of friends who will send me a message, “hey, I noticed you haven’t blogged for two weeks, are you okay?” Actually I have written several posts, it is just that our alien lizard overlords seem to believe I am potentially dangerous misinformation factory that for the good of public health should not be seen anywhere. Which may well be true, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s all very relative and subjective, isn’t it?

It is not. Sometimes a sleeping kitty is just a sleeping kitty and as such, so objectively benign as to be downright ridiculous. Actually, it’s also so benign as to be downright embarrassing. I mean, what you in for? Posting cat pictures. Calling someone a stinky head poo poo butt.

I am quite serious about all this, but also a bit tongue in cheek, as in I am exceedingly grateful that the Lord has seen fit to give me a somewhat lighthearted and comical thing to complain about. It is a big deal in the grand scheme of things, bottle necking and misinformation authoritarianism is a boil on the butt of humanity, but in my own tiny little blogging world, it’s just dumb and slightly amusing.