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Arrgg, the chronic and perpetual negativity of conservatives (and some Christians) needs to just go away. Stop it, just stop it. I have had quite enough of the favorite phrase of the day, “it’s going to get a whole lot worse!”

Wrong mindset, wrong attitude, and a big part of the reason why more people won’t or can’t perceive conservatives as potential leaders. Follow me, it’s going to get a whole lot worse is not a winning concept.

Also, it’s vengeful, punitive. Some people actually, want it to get a whole lot worse. They want to be able to say, “I told you so.” They want to affirm and validate their dire predictions. They want people to go, oh yeah this is awful, I was wrong to support democrats, liberals, the left. Will you save me, oh wise and powerful ones?

Never. Going. To. Happen. Trust me on this.

“It’s going to get a whole lot worse” is a never ending mantra on social media, the news, and in person. People actually come up to me and go, oh yeah this thing happened, AND brace yourself, because it’s going to get a whole lot worse.

I don’t wish to be a debbie downer myself, but I’ve just spent several decades living in the 9th circuit of hell, among many people forced to live in what amounts to 3rd world poverty, complete with the horrors of an addiction epidemic, 3 years of pandemic tyranny, and a government that looks like it walked right off the set of the Hunger Games.

When people say, “it’s going to get a whole lot worse” I don’t go, “tell me more oh wise and prophetic one,” instead I just fight against the cackling sarcasm and hysteria that threatens to bubble up inside of me. Not quite sure what Easy Street you’ve been hanging out on, but I already live on the corner of, “Hell-in-a-hand-basket and Worse.”

Not long ago I did fabulous cross between Lady MacBeth and an old testament prophet and preached off my front porch at the top of my lungs in a long white night gown to some people trying to push a car down the road. Since it wouldn’t start they decided to just try to set it on fire. I didn’t even think to call the cops on account of the fact that they are trained to just lecture me about the need to have more compassion towards the, “mentally ill.”

A bit comical how I never seem to be one of the “needs to be protected” members of the mentally ill. Like, I think the Fentanyl Forrest down the road should try to respect my mental health, for a change.

“It’s going to get a whole lot worse” is so not helpful. I’m already about 15 years into “worse,” so I’m not overly intimidated by the idea anymore. Also, my fear mongering button broke about two weeks into the pandemic. I see no real reason to update it.

Seriously people, you need to do the simplest thing, just get up and go, this is the day the Lord hath made. Rejoice and be glad. Then you thank Him for breath. I like to take note of breathing because it’s something I don’t even think about. I don’t trust much of anything, but apparently I do trust the Lord to put the next breath in my body. In fact, I trust Him so well to handle it, that it’s not even on my radar. Generally I am trying to second guess, over think, and micro manage everything, but I never question whether or not God will supply the next breath. And if for some reason He decides to stop putting the next breath in my body, it’s all good, I got reservations. My eventual bug out shelter is fully equipped and I’ve been storing treasures up there.

No need to rush things, just saying, I’ve spent a few decades prepping for the afterlife, so it’s all good.

And needless to say, “it’s going to get a whole lot worse,” is so not the gospel.