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I’m going to stomp my little foot here and insist on a whole lot more positivity out in the world. If that is “lying” well then, so be it. I don’t think it is, I think it is simply a matter of perspective.

Are the words in the love songs and great sonnets, lies? Not exactly, they are simply a higher perspective, or perhaps a more insane one. Regardless, poetry is a whole lot more useful than perpetual doom and gloom.

With all good humor here, but I also happen to have a good dozen posts I’ve written this week but declined to publish on account of the fact that they are all rather bleak and gloomy. Trust me, I know all about, “what’s going on” out in the world. Many people will justify endless negativity as if we are just telling the truth, keeping people informed, or trying to wake people up. Rather than being a virtue, it’s more like simply passing the buck and avoiding having to take any responsibility.

If only people knew about this thing, they’d do something!” Well, you seem to know about “this thing” and you haven’t done a darn thing. What’s with that?? No shaming intended either, that’s how most of the rest of us are, too. You just can’t fix, “teh stoopid.”

As if to really drive this point home to me, the Lord has put several people in my path this week who I enjoy, but my goodness, they are like the precise opposite of, “Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.

Help me, Obi wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope! Alas, all they ever seem able to do is go, “Things are going to get a whole lot worse. I hope you’re ready. Most of us aren’t going to make it. I heard the price of gas is going to go up exponentially. They’re going to double the price of eggs and start rationing them. Mass death and starvation is right around the corner. WW3 is looming. Pretty sure it’s the end of the world. It’s bad out there, it’s really bad. We’re all going to die….

Thank you for the moral support, dude. Life was getting so good for a moment there, I almost forgot we are supposed to be busy eating our crap sandwich.

With all good grace here, but you know what I all such a person? Completely useless. It may not be very kind and charitable, but I do have this little survival switch that just flips off and coldly goes, “Completely useless, most likely to be more of a burden then an asset. Next!” Yes, I suppose in some ways, I do objectify people. It is not as if I am throwing anyone out of the lifeboat or something, I just have a very pragmatic side.

I kid you not, at least the mentally ill guy playing air guitar on the corner can actually sing and provide some good entertainment….

Also, interestingly, I got a wee bit irate listening to some of these tirades last week. Like, I have been living at the bottom of the well in the 9th circuit of hell for decades now. You’re just now noticing that people can barely afford gas and food and many are dying of drug overdoses?

All in good fun here, but recently I listened to someone carry on about how “we’re going to lose everything” and all I could think of was my coffee pot. I have some other sentimental things I’d like to hang onto, but really having a coffee pot is my first priority. It took me a good 3 minutes to realize he was actually talking about the stock market, retirement accounts, and property values.

Also, what are looking for, some reassurance? Some compassion? Am I now supposed to grieve the fact that you are sinking ever closer to….having to live in my world? I’m just not feeling it. Me and my coffee pot find you a wee bit self absorbed.

Alas, air guitar guy was swept up many months ago. I haven’t seen him for ages. I have no idea what ever happened to him, but I’m thanking the Lord for having provided him, for having shared him with us all, if even for a few moments. That guy at least provided a useful service.