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Good grief, I don’t know what’s going on out in the world and I’m thinking perhaps it’s best to just be confused? First, the Chinese weather balloon spy melodrama. I can’t make heads or tails out of that one. The lies are coming so fast and furious that trying to sort reality from fantasy has gotten darn near impossible. First of all, I want to know who sold the top secret WW1 balloon technology to the Chinese? That’s sarcasm folks. Does no one in American know about modern spy satellites and even Teh Google? Weather balloons as spy ships are like, so last century. Is this some kind of James Bond/ Steampunk thing? Makes absolutely no sense from any angle.

Hey, I may know next to nothing about how these things work, but I’m going to go out on a limb and I suggest, I probably do know more than the President.

Which brings me to the red carpet and the epic tragedy that we call The Grammy’s. Okay, so I haven’t been able to watch for years, mostly on account of the fact that the majority of the glamorous “ladies” in ballgowns are now men. To add insult to injury, they are ugly men in ugly ballgowns. Call me a bigot if you like, but seeing some guy in a 70’s polyester jumpsuit three sizes too small, simply does not give me my fashion fix.

This year however, really took the cake on account of the fact that we actually had a couple of men who self identify as satan, singing “Unholy,” and re-enacting BDSM sex scenes while we all collectively celebrate the joys of hell. Call me a fussy Christian or something, but I don’t think we’re supposed be watching a satan wannabe prance around and sing while cheering and giving him awards. Pardon me for assuming his gender, too! Which all brings me to TobyMac who I love to listen to, and a photo of him proudly on his way to the Grammys. Yes, getting a Grammy for, “Best Contemporary Christian Album” is an actual thing! Satan wannabe himself, complete with horns, flames, and pornographic dancers, will apparently hand you the award if you win.

That is just all too surreal for my little brain to handle. Let me just mention that TobyMac owes me nothing, that perhaps in his shoes I would have the same struggles, but I’m just going to be all judgy and call him out anyway. I don’t have a lot of expectations or standards for Christians, none of us are perfect, but when some guy is literally wearing a red suit and horns, role playing BDSM, and singing lyrics praising Balenciaga, well, those should all be huge red flags. (Balenciaga for those who don’t know, did some really skeevy advertising stuff actually promoting child sexual exploitation.)

One simply cannot clutch their pearls lamenting the sheer number of pedophiles in high places, entertain the idea of secret satanists infiltrating our society, and bemoaning transgenderism, all while it is literally paraded right in front of us 24/7. Like, there is no conspiracy theory here! We have arrived. It is a done deal. It took us years to build. We cheered it on. We not only allowed it, We clapped and encouraged it. We continue to do so.

Some of the non Christians, (the nyets as in not-Christian-yet) did a much better job of calling this weirdness out. Some of my favorite comments were, “this is not very life affirming” and “creepy end of the world vibe.” It’s not much, but it’s still something. A few people’s little discernment antenna went, ewww, no.

I actually don’t need a bunch of Christian social media influencers dropping satanic Grammy memes. I sure don’t need anymore pastors running about self rightiously preaching about the horrors of the world as if “the world” has nothing to do with any of us at all. I need more actual Christians to go, “Oh! We built this.” We built this, so we can just unbuild this, with the Lord’s help of course.

Darkly humorous, but I live in a small town and so like it or not, it just is what it is. You get to know people. Long ago I got so tired of going to church and just hearing all about the liberals and the drug dealers, the adulterers and the pedophiles. You mean most of your congregation, right? Nope, they meant the others, the bad guys, the not us, those people. The world. Those of us in church apparently levitate 3 feet off the ground in a bubble and have absolutely no influence on the world at all. A world we kind of hope will just destroy itself because allegedly it’s beyond redemption.

I would walk out of church and encounter these very same people all week long in regular life, people who contribute a great deal to why I actually call this place, the 9th circuit of hell.

I wasn’t going to lament today, but someone smart reminded me that being content with the way life really is, or completely disinterested, is not exactly evidence of new birth, of being a new creation, of having a reason for the hope that is in us. Like, if we’re good with the status quo, if we are content with the world, if our lives are pretty comfortable, then maybe we aren’t quite as reborn as we think we are.