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Just for the record, I tend to bypass anger and just slide over into tired, depressed, and powerless. That is especially true this time of year when the weather is very grey and gloomy, as if to say, ahhh the sheer futility of it all, why bother.

Part of that is related to my personality type, I’m simply too lazy to throw a proper fit, and part of that is probably related to being biologically female. It’s simply a fact that women tend to be more inclined to stuff our anger, creating more depression for ourselves. It’s not written in stone, there are other variables, but as a gross generalization that is often true. Women will suppress, repress, oppress, and stuff our anger in a myriad of ways.

So as I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten much better at saying, “No thank you.” Just “nope.” This is how I prevent bitterness from taking root. See, I have a boundary right here. If you push it too much, I tend to get cranky and eventually bitter. For the most part, I think I’m pretty cheerful! I think I’m pretty easy to get along with. Could I be completely deluded as to the nature of myself? Perhaps, but it’s doubtful. Okay, so now have a chuckle with me because dog gone if I don’t often get accused of being bitter, angry, and non cooperative! So what do I do to warrant all this condemnation? I say mean things like, “No, thank you.” Not interested. Will not be going there. Can’t play along. Not good with that. Nope.

So angry. So bitter. So non cooperative. You know what? You should really learn to just smile more.

Ai yi yi.

That’s it, that’s the whole post. Why do women so often stuff their anger and send themselves into a depression? Because there is almost no social support for doing anything else. In fact, you will often simply incur the wrath of others around you if you attempt to so much as mention that there could be a potential problem going on or that your unconditional cooperation is not going to be a guaranteed given at all times.

Also, this is frequently my experience with other women. It is women who often cluck and clutch their pearls and pronounce me bitter. Men almost never say anything to me at all, except perhaps, why aren’t you angry? It’s so weird how you don’t fight back! Punch them in the head. All in good humor here, but that is a family joke, on account of the fact that the only genuinely logical response to someone constantly stomping on your foot and refusing to stop is, “just punch them in the head.” I can offer you a bazillion arguments about why forgoing violence is wise, fruitful, and generally a more desirable course of action, but I simply cannot argue with the pure logic. Yes, indeed, that would probably fix the problem rather quickly. It is probably even preferable to believing the problem has no solution and just descending into complete nihilism, which is often my preferred course of action.

Just knowing that “punch them in head” is a viable option, cheers me up immensely. See, I’m not powerless at all, I’m just declining to utilize one of the many options available to me…..

So here’s my wisdom for today, yes, pluck out those roots of bitterness, don’t let them take hold and grow. That means you must address your anger, give it room to speak to you. Sit with it, let it nourish you. The Bible actually tells us, “Be ye angry….” Hardly anyone ever focuses on that part of the verse, but it’s practically a commandment. Sure, sin not, absolutely, but be ye angry.

Jesus got angry and He was sin free and perfect. Therefore experiencing anger must be a perfect part of our design. Anger does not necessarily mean one is bitter. In fact, often the very same people who have irked your ire and given you cause for righteous anger, are the same ones who will now try to dismiss you as “bitter. “

I don’t know what her problem is, I guess she’s just bitter. We didn’t do nuttin to contribute to this problem.

Pffft, goodbye to all that. I’m not playing those games.

Now of course, if you have anger management issues and do tend to run about punching people in the head frequently, please disregard this post. I’m just saying that “bitterness” is actually defined as “anger, disappointment, and resentment about, being treated unfairly and unjustly.

The alleged bitterness is not the root of the problem, it’s the potential fruit or result of being subjected to a ton of, “unfair injustice.”