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This is probably a post from the Dept of Redundancy, but my Governor is an idiot. Not just an idiot, but a dangerous idiot. This should come as no surprise since I often make it quite clear I live in the 9th circuit of hell. This vision I have of Dante’s Inferno can be totally blamed on our really awful political leadership. If they would all just resign or fall into a whirling vortex, this beautiful land would no longer be so hellish.

So what makes him such a dangerous idiot? False narratives, misinformation, out right lies. Ironically, all the things this particular brand of idiot is guilty of themselves, so they just project it onto everyone else. Not just project onto everyone else, but also attempt to punish, ban, mandate, cancel culture, all of us for this alleged crime of, “misinformation.”

This injustice, this maltreatment is done all while releasing outright rubbish himself, lies so blatant and outlandish I sometimes think of this entire state as being akin to the holodeck on Star Trek, a 3D simulation of reality. Some holodeck adventures might be fun, more like going to Disneyland, but ours are not, they are more dystopian like, “two weeks to flatten the curve.”

Stop the ride, Jay Inslee, I want to get off before I throw up on my shoes.

For a bit of nostalgia, a trip down memory lane, we can visit the Governor’s ten point strategy for, “Stopping the Epidemic of White Nationalist Gun Violence.” That was his winning strategy for trying to take over the whole country and get himself nominated for a presidential campaign. (I am so exceedingly grateful it did not work. I mean, even his own kind recoiled at the very thought and felt vaguely nauseous.)

So on the surface such things might sound good to the average moron who is busy just trying to go to work and only has time for a couple of sound bytes on TV. Their brains just go, “oh yeah, I don’t like epidemics, not in favor of gun violence, and I hate white supremacy. Three cheers for Jay Inslee! I‘m glad he is handling all this, so I don’t have to. Also, I feel so much better about myself now that I know I’m part of the virtuous team busy solving contemporary world problems.”

I don’t mean that in any kind of shaming way either! Like literally, most people are working 3 jobs so they can put a down payment on some eggs. Most of us are not going to stay up half the night wasting their time pouring over Inslee policies with a fine tooth comb. That would be exceedingly weird, the realm of over thinkers, policy wonks, and people with assorted anxiety disorders. Do not recommend. One star.

Most people simply haven’t got the time to ask, so is this really an epidemic? Is white nationalist gun violence even a thing? How are we defining white nationalists? What narrative is he selling and does it have any basis in reality?? When I look outside my window do I see white nationalists packing weapons and marching up and down my street shooting people?

When I was young, we actually had real skinheads trying to march in parades, putting pamphlets on cars, and other assorted out in the open activities which ironically led to some good public conversations about free speech, bigotry, tribalism, and the need for fatherhood initiatives. Apparently we learned very little from any these conversations, but just the same they were good conversations to be having. That was some 40 years ago.

So rather than “facing an epidemic,” we’re actually seeing a whole lot less of that kind of stuff. Part of that is probably because of the actual meth and heroin epidemic in our state that is wiping out confused young people at a staggering rate, and part of that is due to increased awareness. Regardless, I haven’t seen a real live white supremacist out in public in this state, for decades.

Currently Governor Inslee is very concerned about, well, the legislative fundraising freeze. We have a legally mandated fundraising freeze during legislative sessions that just lasts for, months and months. It’s very sad. A terrible thing. He is also very concerned about, “protecting pregnant persons right of choice.” That would be about enshrining abortion rights so they will include the transgendered and free them from the burden of discrimination when accessing their, “reproductive healthcare.”

In some ways I feel very virtuous myself, very sacrificial. See, I try to suffer this fool gladly, so the rest of the country doesn’t have to. We try to keep him busy and contained to this state, so as not to share the joy on a national scale. I’m not sure how true that is, but I’m claiming it just the same. Those who rather smugly proclaim, well it serves the left coast right, or you get what you vote for, or I got mine sucks to be you, might want to scratch the surface a bit deeper, consider implementing a bit of charitability, and start honoring the sacrifice we have made in an attempt to protect you all from suffering the same fate.

You’re welcome.