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I was roaming about the intertoobz seeking blogging inspiration when I was totally scooped by the so called “real world.” I use the term “real” quite loosely because “clown world” is probably a more apt description. Sheesh, one hardly even knows what to say.

The former Speaker of the House has apparently summoned a priest to rid her house of evil spirits after her husband was attacked by an alleged “conspiracy theorist.” Ironically, there seems to be some debate among Catholics ranging from wondering if she needs psychiatric help to concerns that if an exorcism is actually conducted, she herself may disappear.

The dementia stricken elder the country has insisted on forcing to pretend to be leader of the free world, seems to be having challenges keeping track of top secret documents. Considering he has trouble keeping track of his own chair, I’m not surprised. I’m fairly certain that strongly worded speeches from all his handlers are not going to fix the situation. Charging them all with elder abuse might.

And naturally, while human beings, large stashes of fentanyl, and assorted other horrors flow freely across our borders, apparently we have decided to crack down on the very worst of it, egg smuggling. It seems as if some ingenious Americans have been sneaking across the border to buy cheap eggs, instead of just accepting the new mantra, “you will eat bugs and be happy about it.” I should note the fact that attempting to post this article anywhere on social media has got me the scary “Russian media” warning. Apparently there is no such warning for scary “American media.”

It’s hard to put a positive spin on any of this, but I did get to bear witness to a lovely funeral. That’s a bittersweet thing to say, but I mean we rallied and gave a hometown hero a send off that was praise worthy, complete with dress blues, bag pipes, lined streets, and small children trying to salute. It warmed my heart, it was a small bite of the America I love. Tragically he died suddenly, in the line of duty, which just seems to be another name for employment mandates, but of course no one is allowed to even say that.

It grieves me no end that innocent people have had their trust exploited, their altruism manipulated, and I just want to scream at the injustice of it all.

Here where I live a woman I know posted a wailing lamentation, “why is this even happening” in response to an article about a piece of local roadwork that will remain unworked due to it’s unfixability. However, the costs for the non repair will remain consistently sustainable, renewable, and green. I had to bite my tongue (or perhaps sit on my fingers as the case may be) because I so wanted to just say, “this is happening because you insist on voting with all the self awareness and wisdom of a poached pear.”

Needless to say, implying people have the intelligence of a poached pear is is not productive, nor a good way to win friends and influence people. If I ever do figure out how to actually win friends and influence people, I’ll let you know.