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I am, I am just busy being sad today. Yet another relatively young man we know now has congestive heart failure. Could have been caused by genetics, lifestyle, coincidence, or climate change. The thing is, only 4 years ago heart issues in younger people were exceedingly rare. Today it is accepted as practically inevitable, like type 2 diabetes. I’m just getting older, the old ticker is wearing out, say the 40 yr olds.

Or the 25 old athletes with sudden myocarditis.

I have issues with the Lord around sheep. I really do, even to this day. I’ve had this discussion with Him my entire life and I should let you know He has always been gracious, patient, and good natured about it. The Lord totally understands why I much prefer goats over sheep and why I am not settled and at ease with the Biblical analogy. Also, in the modern West, today goats and sheep are very different critters, but it wasn’t always so. Back in the day, they looked very similar, they often ran together, and so separating them was a bit more challenging. Even today in some parts of the world with certain breeds, a herd of sheep or goats can be hard to tell apart.

The Biblical analogy was not intended to be a directive to always act like a sheep being herded and do exactly what you are told by anyone who designates themselves an authority.….

I briefly crossed paths with a delightful Christian woman and we were mentioned how the world is going to hell in a handbasket and she said, “Ewww, why are you still living in the world?” Amen, that’s it exactly! Too much focus on the world isn’t healthy for anyone. Put your eyes on Jesus, focus on heavenly things much more. I so appreciated her timely little words.

Ewww, why are you still living in the world?” I should write that down and put it on my fridge.

I’m doing my best to understand, embrace, or accept, that the goal is not just staying alive. We are here for the glory of God, to enjoy Him, to grow spiritually, not necessarily to just outlive the buggers. I am chuckling, but I do think there is some part hardwired right into my DNA that really was designed to escape and outlive the buggers. However, a long, healthy life, is desirable, preferable, a really good thing, but it is not the only goal. There are many other things that are far more important.

I tend to get sad when a life is, “cut short” as I should, but just the same, who I am to define what “getting cut short” even is? Our days are not promised. The Lord never said the length of your life is directly connected to the quality of your life. And ultimately, our lives are in His hands, our time here is by His design. It is not as if the bad people will always have short lives and the good ones will live longer. In fact, it’s often the complete opposite.

I really like the saying “life is short, prepare accordingly,” but rather, “eternity is forever, prepare accordingly.” Life with Jesus is not scarce, it does not get “cut short,” it is life and life abundant, life eternal. More life then you can even handle. Where the world is often all about scarcity, the Lord is all about abundance. There is always more than enough with Jesus, like fishes and loaves, just a great abundance that He multiplies for us.