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I’m not sure who needs to hear this, but this is a public service announcement. You cannot sell your soul to the devil because you do not own the intellectual property rights to it. It is not yours to sell.

You are a created being who does not own the rights to your dna, your design, or your soul. You were also ransomed after once being stolen, bought and paid for in full on the cross. It was a done deal, finished long before you were even born. So you have already been created, and then claimed and taken back.

In fact, if you do try to sell you soul to the devil, you are actually committing an act of fraud. You are attempting to sell stolen property. It is mildly amusing to think of the devil being cheated and conned by your foolishness and lack of understanding, so no worries. One need not ever feel bad about cheating the devil.

God owns ALL the intellectual property rights to each of us. In His graciousness, He has given us freewill, but that does not mean He has surrendered His claim on us. In fact, the precise opposite. In the Bible He declares many times, “I will never leave you or forsake you” and “you are mine.” Even when the devil decided to dink around with Job, he had to ask permission first and God set ALL the ground rules.

The devil also cannot share power with anyone. He comes ONLY to steal, kill, and destroy. Please do not think he offers some kind of alternative dark kingdom or something, as if someone will be given a dominion of hell to rule over or something. He is an abyss corroding into himself, like a vacuum. There is no “dark kingdom.” God and the devil are not equals, the devil is also a created being who answers to his Creator.

Now, one can certainly bring upon one’s own head a world of misery, hurt, and suffering by inviting in dark things! Evil is not unlike what you see in old vampire movies, it must wait patiently at your window, until you give it permission to enter and unlatch the window. It cannot cross your thresh hold without an invitation, even if you leave the door open. True story, this is why imaginary vampires always stand in the doorway and eerily go, May I come in?

No, no you may not. Begone. It’s that simple.

God has already pre-calculated in the human propensity for assorted foolishness when He saved us. Therefore if you ever went down to the crossroads in Georgia and “sold your soul to the devil,” it was a meaningless transaction in a legal sense. It is a fraudulent contract. It is a forgery. A trick, a deception. It has no actual legal bearing on anything. You simply committed an act of fraud.