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Good grief, I should not be watching soap operas. Days of our Lives, Guiding Light, or in this case, “As The Reformed World Turns.” I “shouldn’t” be, because there’s a really fine line between following this rubbish as it unfolds and just engaging in gossip or perhaps even voyeurism.

I simply set out to review Stephen Wolfe’s book, “Christian Nationalism,” when the poo began to hit the fan and the whole thing kind of just imploded. If you want some backstory, Rod Dreher just wrote, “Thomas Achord Confesses” in the American Conservative.

Basically it amounts to the fact that even the new and improved, “light” version of patriarchal Christian Nationalism has a seedy underbelly involving fake twitter accounts “where out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.” Also one of the players would be the headmaster of a Classical Christian Education homeschool group, who was allegedly falsely persecuted by some “bad people” who were making false allegations until he finally lost his job over tweets he didn’t send and books he didn’t write….. until he later realized wait, actually, he did write those things.

I just want to say two things, first of all, red pill ideology just ruins everything. What is red pill ideology? This kind of cult of broken masculinity that tends to manifest itself as deep seated misogyny, racism, pornographic sexuality, and oddly a desire to save Western Civilization.

I have absolutely no desire to police grown men in a shaming way. Like, just dust yourself off and do better. I am not the least bit interested in any weird psycho-sexual repentance games, and in Christ there is no condemnation. I really don’t care who sinned where. There’s enough sin to require hip boot and waders, maybe even a manure cart and a shovel. This isn’t about one individual, the whole lot of them are all rotten within. Actually, my heart kind of bleeds for the train wrecks who do eventually get exposed. I’m telling you, red pill ideology just ruins everything. It takes the hot mess of a weak man and just drives the crazy train right off the tracks so everyone can gleefully point, stare at the mess, and feel all morally superior.

It offends my soul! On some level these hapless fellows who fall victim to red pill ideologies and brainwash themselves with it are my brothers. So first off, red pill rubbish comes only to steal, kill, and destroy. It is evil. Pluck it out when you see it, especially within faith.

At one point in my life I had hoped I could appeal to Pastor Doug Wilson on Christian grounds since he is very familiar with this red pill rubbish, he is a pastor, and also a man. Here is a beautiful opportunity to lead men out of the darkness, out of the abyss of red pill foolishness, and turn them towards Jesus. Obviously I was naive and mistaken, but I’m not apologizing. I still have that same expectation and I am not the one who is failing to rise to the occasion and take the opportunity and do some good in the world while you still can.

Make no mistake however, when a pastor leads people astray in this manner and tries to stamp God’s approval over the whole manure pile, it is a far more serious matter then some guy creating a phony avatar so he can go LARP out some racial hostility and woman hatred on Twitter.

Second of all, my main issue with Wolfe’s book,”Christian Nationalism,” (besides the obvious kinism, racism, and misogyny,) is that he based a good chunk of it on Reformed Theology. Not on the Bible mind you, but on Reformed Theology. Is there a difference? Well yes, there kind of is, or at least there is if you try to separate Reformed Theology from the Bible, take Jesus out of the picture, bend it a little, and use it to “credential” the points you are making. Like, the teachings of Jesus and His disciples are not really Wolfe’s reference point for anything. Anywhere. This book is based entirely on Reformed Theology. Well, what is Reformed Theology supposed to be based on? Anyone? Hello!

I didn’t even realize it was possible to completely separate your theology from Jesus. I have been wrestling with the question, “how in the world can so much good theology produce such rotten fruit?” Well there you go, our theology doesn’t save us, Jesus does. Grace doesn’t align with natural law and creeds, it defies them. Grace is the wild card in this equation. Grace isn’t “natural” at all. It challenges us to aim higher, to adopt His standard, and not a worldly one of our own making based on our alleged interpretations of the natural order of things or our supposed “design.”

Like it or not the Bible says, “Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God. Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love.”