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I am a firm believer that for Christians, everyday is Thanksgiving. We are called to “rejoice always and again I say, rejoice.” Just so you know grief, sadness, even tears, can also be a form of gratitude and worship.

Gratitude is not a feeling, it’s a way of walking in the world, a lifestyle choice, one that fills your soul with abundance rather then just marinating in an attitude of scarcity and deprivation 24/7.

Enjoy this amusing and sage advice from Church Curmudgeon over on Twitter and give him a follow if you get the chance. It made me laugh because I am notorious for just sticking my foot in my mouth without even trying.

With absolutely no guile at all, I am quite capable of innocently blurting out, “This year I am so grateful that Elon Musk bought Twitter and that President Trump has thrown his hat back in the ring!” Uh oh. Have I gone and said something wrong? Completely misjudged my audience once again? Sigh. Story of my life. I’ll just go sit at the little kids table now.

All in good fun here folks, but as much as it lies with you, just stick to talking about the weather! And perhaps the food, although that can be a sticky widget, too. Actually the weather is now controversial, too. Sheesh! Nothing is safe once offense starts prowling about looking to devour someone. Perhaps just take a vow of silence and never speak? Pretend you have laryngitis, which is quite likely if you’ve gone and damaged your immune system with the vaxx and four boosters.

If one of your heavily vaxxed friends reports having just recovered from their 3rd bout of covid, do not, I repeat, do not mention the movie, “Died Suddenly” and ask if they have seen it yet. I shouldn’t laugh about such things, but laughter is good medicine, and given what we’ve done to our bodies, we’re going to need all the good medicine we can get.

If you are totally alone this year and have no friends or family willing to put up with you, no church willing to take you in, no community center welcoming you, take note of the fact this is totally your fault. I’m sorry if that’s controversial, but I have spent many Thanksgivings working, and I know exactly who you all are. You are likely as vile and unsociable as I am, the difference being I fake it much better.

Pity party, party of one, please.

We will return to our regularly scheduled trouble making shortly.