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“Nobody has ever seen an electron. Nor a thought. You can’t see a thought, you can’t measure, weigh, nor taste it- but thoughts are the most real things in the Galaxy.” – Robert Heinlein

A lot of very real things are invisible to the human eye and simply cannot be weighed and measured.

People are not animals. This can be a very challenging thing to believe in on account of the fact that people often act so poorly they start to resemble animals. I suppose that is part of what debunks the, “people are animals” lie. No self respecting animal would ever act so foolishly.

Calling people “animals” doesn’t insult people, it dishonors animals. Animals behave in a somewhat logical and predictable manner. Ironically the only time you really see them being neurotic and dysfunctional is after too much exposure to humans.

Animals also do not sit around contemplating the nature of their existence, lamenting their place in creation, and wondering what their purpose is. People like to try to pretend we only do that due to our alleged, “higher intelligence.” Apparently our vastly superior wisdom is also responsible for our destructive ways, our perpetual self loathing, and the way we like to constantly teeter ourselves on the edge of extinction?

So it seems. I’m not sure if we need to change our definition of “highly intelligent” or if I just need to change my attitude towards people? Probably both. Regardless, that is totally incongruent thinking.

Why would “mother nature” create a creature that is not only hellbent on destroying himself, but apparently hellbent on destroying her, too? If this is what “survival of the fittest” looks like, we seem to have left off the “survival” part.

Many evolutionary theories are so illogical they require one to completely suspend one’s disbelief. Sharks for example, allegedly have really needed no adaptation, having been designed perfectly for their environment the first time around, an environment that has somehow managed to remained relatively unchanged for millions of years. The rest of us seem to be living on an ever changing planet requiring us to adapt or die, but fortunately the sharks, crocodiles, and cockroaches have been enjoying environmental consistency and therefore are not really motivated to mend their ways. They got a good thing going and have absolutely no reason to “evolve already.”

The same is true of the great apes, I suppose. They took one look at us, we who are supposed to be their cousins, and voted to just stay out of the evolutionary lottery. Nah, you guys go “advance” and “evolve,” we’re staying put. A bit amusing, “Planet of the Apes” and several other sci/fi notions have suggested we humans might be the genetic fluke, the mutants, the regressive gene nobody really wants in their gene pool.

That is a distinct possibility and somewhat plausible….

For some reason human pride and arrogance often lead us to conclude, with absolutely no evidence mind you, that humans are progressing, evolving, and improving like some kind of apex predator or something. Naturally there will soon be some kind of spontaneous enlightenment thingy, where some of us will become more evolved than the others and we will break away from them and start making the world around us look like it was designed by the highly evolved creatures we fancy ourselves to be.

Such notions require an astounding amount of hope and a near impossible suspension of disbelief. I’m rather envious of the atheists and nihilists who can pull it off. I’m not even sure what the official name is for the totally random, Spontaneous Enlightenment Thingy, but we shall henceforth call it SET.

As in the Great ReSET.

When I sit up here on high in my lofty intellectual tower sipping my coffee, I just have to laugh about all the gender stuff going on. No seriously, people! One simply cannot proudly proclaim one believes in nothing but hard data, in the purity of observable reality, in the alleged holiness of science, while also promptly declaring biological sex to be nothing more than a social construct, a whim of fancy.

This is some mighty convenient science, rather fluid and evolving itself. Sheesh, today you can just use your imagination and identify as anything you want. Darkly humorous, but apparently no one is really interested in self identifying as well reasoned, logical, or intelligent? A wise old owl? A magical sea lion? James Bond?? Oh no, if we really can just self identify as anything we want to, than I really want to be the caricature of a very aggressive, sexualized, unintelligent, dysfunctional, mentally ill young girl with unstable hormones.

Wait…Wut? Why?

I’ll refrain from posting video clips as evidence, but I assure you that is exactly what is out on our streets currently throwing rotten vegitables at those they call TERFS. A “terf” for those who don’t know is a, “trans-exclusionary radical feminist.” It’s a very derogatory term, intended to be demeaning. So is the very masculine, very threatening, sexualized language being flung around by those demanding their right to be chest feeders and users of menstrual products.

So is this just evolution doing it’s thing? Asking for a friend, of course.