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NightWind recently mentioned Bjorn Bull-Hanson, novelist, blogger, you-tuber. I’ve also enjoyed listening to him, watching his videos. It’s much colder in his part of the world, or perhaps he is just braver then me, but he often goes marching out in the snow to build a fire and have a cup of tea.

The last few years hubby and I have spent a great deal of time around our own fire pit right in the back yard with a foot of snow on the ground, often with a hot drink in our hands. We have an awning in case it rains, lots of solar lights that twinkle, and it’s become a bit of a winter oasis for us. Firelight is actually good for you, it produces low wavelength red light which has many health benefits. Getting outside exposes you to some vitamin D and improves your melatonin so you sleep better.

So you see, the simple act of going outdoors and hanging around a fire, creates biochemical changes in our body that support good health. It’s actually well documented “science.”

When I was looking after elders, one of my favorite things to do was to simply get them out into the sunlight. It might just be on the porch to watch the hummingbirds. Some people would like to go feed the birds in the car, the seagulls and pigeons, sometimes the duck pond. So you see, you don’t have to be a world class athlete to, “get back to nature.”

We people are a part of creation and this here is a biology blog after all, and I do like celebrating anything related to life and life abundant. In order to really tune into that source of life and life abundant, we do have to get outdoors. That probably sounds kind of hippy dippy, or super-spiritual or something, but it is literally how we are physically hardwired. We need sunlight, we need plants, we need critters, and there are actual chemical reactions going on in our bodies that we are often unaware of. Our physical and mental health relies on it in some fascinating ways.

I spend a lot of time reading and on the computer, so constant eyestrain, and right off the bat my vision will actually improve if I just go outside and focus on something far away like the mountains of the water. That is also “science,” and something any decent eye doctor worth his salt will tell you. The older you get, the less inclined your eyes are to focus properly and many of us need reader-cheaters to see fine print. Or really to see any print at all!

Bjorn chats about all sorts of things, the new world order, geopolitical affairs, homesteading, finance, adventure, unplugging from the culture. I appreciate him and enjoy hearing his thoughts. Something that concerns me is how disconnected from our environment modern culture has become. We are indoors, sheltered, and often separated from reality. Or really, just disconnected in general. Covid hysteria and lock downs certainly did not help.

Do people even understand cause and effect anymore? Take for instance, electric cars, which are all the rage here. That’s nice, potentially a good thing, but I’ve spent the past few years tearing my hair out because so few people seem to even understand they run on electricity. You have to produce the electricity to charge them.

No seriously, there is just this magical force of clean energy underground at charging stations that makes the cars go….

Ai yi yi. Of course, now the same people all excited about electric cars and clean energy, are also trying to remove all our dams that produce hydro, in order to protect the fish.

So I really just want to put in a good word today for getting back to nature, for embracing life and life abundant, and for reconnecting, for plugging ourselves back into the real world. We ourselves are a part of creation and stepping into that symbiosis once in a while, is really good for us.