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This little bit from the Babylon Bee made me laugh, “Man Pretending to be Woman Visits Man Pretending to Be President.” You should click to read it. I so love that sharp humor, makes me feel not quite so crazy while stumbling about in clown world myself.

However, that’s a real president and that’s a real transgender tik tok star, and that meeting really happened. Trying to sort reality from fantasy hasn’t been this hard since I was a six year old.

At the moment I’m exceedingly annoyed with some, like Gab, who seem to insist on declaring Masculinism to be the path forward, the truth, the way, and the life. Those who proudly declare the problem with our world right now is too much feminism, “The Matriarchy,” a word they equate with “The Matrix.”

You know what’s wrong with our world today? Women. They just have too much power and the world is now being controlled by a bunch of sissy, feminine, special snowflakes. Girls ruin everything.

Am I the only one who just doesn’t see a whole lot of actual women actually running the clown show??

As a “cis gendered woman,” one who must currently apologize for having been born that way and be sure to affix a second class pronoun to the word “woman,” honestly, I’m just busy trying to work two jobs and occasionally complaining because men have now claimed dominion over the ladies restroom and are currently hosting a drumming circle in there.

A bit comical, if women were actually running The Matrix, it seems that not many of us were invited to the party, or rather, we’ve been replaced by men who were. It’s kind of like being trapped in a narcissist’s carnival house of mirrors. The Woman of the Year (a man) has been chosen to represent womanhood so your opinion won’t be needed anymore. Everything is all your fault anyway, so we have now invented a vastly superior woman, Woman 2.0. Spoiler alert, she’s a man.

I kid you not, the new fake president’s, fake woman just released a video on “how to be a bimbo.” Yes, because womanhood is definitely all about being as vain, shallow, superficial, and dumb as possible. Also, very child like, infantile even. Yes, he self identifies as a young girl, which does explain why the pResident was interested in meeting with him.

I am also annoyed with a great many religious leaders, primarily those who seem to equate “faith” with “obedience.” You could be a righty tighty selling that message or so woke your brains done fell out. Doesn’t really matter to me what flavor, it’s a false message, it’s wrong, it’s unbiblical, and it renders you irrelevant on account of the fact that you are not the solution, you are part of the problem.

Regardless, I am exceedingly grateful for the atheists who have shrieked at me over the years, accused me of believing in fairy tales and living in a bubble, while also demanding my unconditional obedience, because it forced me to double down, to build a stronger bubble, and to insist on committing one glorious act of disobedience everyday.

I shall promptly be replacing the days of Noah with the days of Jonah. Was Jonah saved by his obedience? Nope. His perseverance of faith? Nope. His ability to comply with things that sounded insane to him? Nope! Trust me on this one, we really do want to bring back the days of Jonah, because if we bring back the days of Noah, all those animals loaded onto the ark today are going to be male and along with the death of all common sense, will be the death of biological truth and reality.