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For those who don’t know, Paypal recently released some terms and conditions that suggested they were going to claim the right to seize 2500 from any account out promoting misinformation on the internet.

They have since retracted it, claimed it was sent in error, blamed it on bad editing, etc, etc. Apparently people did not immediately applaud this idea. I have no idea what the real backstory is, but I do know that digital currency of all sorts tends to scare me because people in charge often seem to believe they have the right to use your own money to control you.

Bad blogger, low social credit score, we’re blocking your ability to buy coffee today….

However, if we could just flip the tables, learn from Paypal, and start fining our own government 2500 for every bit of misinformation they try to feed us, life might be a lot more fun! I hope this isn’t breaking news to anyone, but they tend to lie to us, repeatedly, and than lie some more. In fact, that’s pretty much the very definition of “politics,” lying to the people. At some point in our history, most of us understood that, it was simply common knowledge.

Today everything is all backwards. We fact check the little people who have no power while unconditionally believing everything our government says. It’s just crazy! We’ve completely inverted reality. Fact checkers are supposed to exist to keep our government in line, to force them to put some effort into their lies, not to police the little people for alleged “bad talk.”

It is actually immoral to police people in this manner because for one we don’t get paid, we aren’t elected, and we don’t work for you. Therefore we have the freedom to explore and engage in whatever information we choose to pursue. Or misinformation, for that matter. If I want to discuss how the moon landing was faked, that’s what freedom is all about.

And if gender is just a social construct, well than I have socially constructed two genders and I am entitled to not just tolerance, but also some parades and balloons.

I don’t know how we proceed to implement this idea, but somebody needs to create an app or a video game that allows us to zap 2500 from the account of any politician who attempts to feed us misinformation. I suspect we would bankrupt them all rather quickly, but perhaps future generations would take telling the truth a bit more seriously.

Just the usual disclaimer for our alien lizard overlords, this is a fantasy, a dream, a creative notion, and not a call to engage in any criminal behavior. You know what separates me from my own government? I believe we need to treat them ethically and justly. They don’t seem to suffer from the same affliction when dealing with people they are supposed to be serving.

Perhaps I’ll put my liberal hat back on and start chanting, “defund the government.” How about, “shut down the war machine!” Or perhaps, “my body, my choice?” I suppose we’re not using any of those slogans anymore, that was all so yesterday. Today we’re just on an endless march towards fascism chanting more war, more government funding, and we now own your body. It’s all “science.” The science of psilocybin or something.