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This little tweet just about sums it all up. Sums up what, you might ask? The struggle of trying to navigate around in the 9th circuit of hell, trying to make your way through clown world, trying to somehow make sense of it all.

Don’t get me wrong, I am in complete agreement with Jenner, especially in this tweet. We even share some similar politics. We even used to share photos on the front of a box of Wheaties.

I’m a wee bit bitter, in part because while I will continue to clean toilets for a living, Jenner will continue to be a rising star within the political machine and the culture. All in good humor here, but actual women are not fighting for access to bathrooms, or even safety for the girls in them, we’re pretty much just busy cleaning all the toilets. In both restrooms. On the bright side, I do already have full access to ALL the bathrooms.

All in good humor here, but we simply haven’t got time to try to save the world…..from itself.

I can get over things like that, but the idea that you are a better female than I am on account of the fact that you are actually not biologically female at all, tends to rankle my bangs. Wow, talk about cultural appropriation, biological appropriation, even soul appropriation. I’ve now been erased, rendered completely invisible, labeled “cis gendered,” and designated second class.

So just business as usual, I suppose.

But never mind all that, what really deflates me, what just fills me with a sense of futility is that apparently we don’t learn, we don’t understand cause and effect. Jenner takes no responsibility for having created this situation in the first place. Nor is there any recognition of, Wait, is this just the inevitable fruit of what I’ve been promoting and modeling since forever?

However, back to my own navel gazing. I really do need to stop trying to make “sense of the world.” It is a huge affliction of mine. I run about looking for the logic in things, which is obviously rather crazy making since people are so rarely ruled by logic in the first place.

On the bright side I did listen to a protest video against JP Sears, the comedian of “Fairly Spiritual” fame. A gal allegedly quit her job, shaved her head, rent her garment, and was just lamenting the horrors of this man. She laid it on pretty thick, a racist, with dog whistles, inciting a riot, domestic terrorism, like she was literally shaking. It was so over the top that is was downright comical, but also really scary, because well, it was genuine and they walk among us.

If we could just stop putting the outright crazy people in charge of EVERYTHING, that would be quite lovely.