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I am totally swamped with life. If it is not one thing, it is two dozen others foaming at the mouth and nipping at your ankles….

So in the meantime, enjoy this chuckle from the Babylon Bee. “Leftist Announce They No Longer Support Strong Independent Women.”

Cracked me up! Some of us learned this truth long ago. That’s why we call it “escaping the plantation.” You’ll have their full support…..until you do something really wild and rebellious, like politely suggest you just aren’t real comfortable sharing the ladies dressing room with some big, hairy, bearded guy who now fancies himself to be not only female, but a lesbian, too.

As to Italy’s first female prime minster, I know very little about her. The mainstream media assures me she is a threat to American democracy on account of the fact that she is a huge JRR Tolkien fan and strongly opposed to euthanasia. I am also a fan of the Hobbit and strongly in favor of leaders who do not want to snuff us all, so we’re practically sisters already.