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I really enjoy my eyes, my ability to see nature in all her glory. I do live in the 9th circuit of hell, but the scenery is really beautiful, from snow capped mountains all the way to the ocean, from the rain forest to the prairies. It is just breathtaking, a visual feast 24/7.

Just the same, some of my favorite things are the things unseen. I have a window where you cannot really see any trees and it is so easy to look outside, see the still, calm air, only to open the front door and get hit by a blast of wind. I love the surprise of having totally misjudged the weather and allowed my lying eyes deceive me.

I really enjoy the warmth of the sun. That is something else that cannot be seen, it must be felt. It is so amazing how sunlight travels all through frigid space without warming a single thing…. until it hits your face.

Most forms of energy are invisible to the human eye. I have a bunch of hair so I can walk into a room and balloons will just start to stick to me. The other day I shocked my husband pretty good just touching him.

There are other forms of energy too, and biological components like pheromones, chemicals we cannot see, but they can affect our behavior. We can sense the tension in a room, we can feel the anxiety or feel the silence. When people (and animals) interact, there is an exchange that happens on a chemical level that is completely invisible to us. We sometimes joke about dogs and their pee-mail, and while it’s rather disgusting to contemplate, people also exchange energy and chemicals with one another, hopefully in a more refined way.

Most of the germ world is invisible to the naked eye. We need microscopes and even that can be an imperfect science. Much of the time we’re actually looking for an immune response rather then a bug itself, because it’s simply too tiny, too elusive. Half of the things we think we know about germs today, will be debunked tomorrow.

I could go on and on and bore you with all my examples of the unseen things of the world, but I just want to say that those who try to claim God is not real because they cannot see a cut and dry figure standing right in front of them have got to be some of the biggest science deniers trying walk upright in the world. Seriously, who ties your shoelaces for you in the morning?

It is from science herself that we have learned that not everything “real” is easily visible to the human eye. There are sounds we cannot hear, there are forces we cannot see, and there are still things in the universe we do not fully understand. The insolence and arrogance of mankind however, is downright legendary, with ample cross referenced, peer reviewed science and history to demonstrate it.