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All in good humor here, but when it comes to other people the bad news is, it’s not all about you, all of the time. Conversely however, the good news is also, it’s not all about you, all of the time.

That is a bit of a paradox, confusing for the brain, and I am about to make it even worse. We people need to take it right to Jesus and make it, all about us, all of the time. Where should you take ALL of your worries, concerns, fears, traumas, and assorted sins? Right to Jesus. I’m telling you, 90% of our interpersonal conflicts, spats, and assorted tantrums could be avoided by not expecting other people to read our minds and meet our needs and expectations. In fact, for our own peace and well being, it’s best to expect almost nothing from others. Newsflash, it’s really not their job to take care of us in that manner.

In fact, often what we are doing is putting other people in the place of Jesus. He is a good, good Father. He sticks closer than a brother. He is the Great Physician. He will meet ALL of your needs. He is completely trustworthy at all times. There is only One worthy of that role.

Now of course I still expect some human decency, for people to stay in their lane on the highway, and for civilized behavior, which is actually expecting a whole lot. I am chuckling here, whether or not people live up to those expectations, I still think it is important we maintain some kind of standard, however unrealistic that may be.

However, I’m speaking more about those close to us who have a greater ability to hurt our feelings. Several years ago the Lord taught me to be grateful for hurt feelings. I kid you not, that was huge pill to swallow and it did not go down easily, but when people hurt your feelings it also means that you have kept your heart soft to them and you actually have some feelings to trample on. Love is risk, it is a willingness to open yourself up to potential pain. Another definition of grace is to, absorb the cost. Pain and hurt feelings are a part of the love deal.

I kind of live right in the middle of clown world, the 9th circuit of hell, where people are so disconnected from Jesus and from one another, that someone could break into your house, and you would be the one in trouble for being so insensitive towards those with mental health issues just trying to live out the thug life.

I so want to laugh but that’s not even an exaggeration.

On the bright side, I have now had the opportunity to get really clear about what I believe and why. I don’t care if the mayor, city council, state government, many churches, and a good majority are in favor of something, that still doesn’t make it true. It doesn’t make it “good,” either.

There are some priceless gifts I have received, some incredible insights I’ve gained from living and suffering in the midst of so much human dysfunction. All in good fun here, I’m quite ready to graduate and move on from this area now, try living among “normal” folks, but I just want to take note of how faithful the Lord is, how rich He has made me with all this fertilizer.