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Good news! The way things are going, the last one out of California won’t even have to turn out the lights.

The 5th jab is now available. I can hardly wait to NOT get my fifth mandated experimental substance injection that does a lot of things to the human body, but preventing covid 19 is not one of them.

My state will now lift its emergency powers act on October 31 since that is their favorite high holy day. It’s only taken us 3 years to, “flatten the curve,” which is a bit longer than the two weeks they promised us.

I have a carefully concealed spare tire to use as reserve in case of food shortages. Gas prices are so high, we get to just carry our tires about our waist these days. No, I do not have a permit for my concealed carry. “Tire,” people, “tire.” I spent half an hour arguing with a woman on the internet about that very thing, which just proves I am even dumber than she is.

If carrying tires around your waist seems like an odd analogy, well, people are now dying from heart attacks caused by global warming, so there you go.

Even here in the 9th circuit of hell, we decided that child drag queen burlesque shows might be pushing the envelope. Well 52% of us saw some red flags, the other 48% just think we’re oppressing minors.

Facebook has made good on their threat to completely lock me out of my account due to my potential dangerous-bad thought. I haven’t actually “said” anything bad but they can tell I’ve been thinking it! They would be correct, too. Nearly every thought I have these days is now contrary to the approved narrative.

Our family is actually having both a funeral and a wedding back to back, so I have been riding a bit of an emotional roller coaster. I have always been prone to giggle at funerals and cry at weddings, which is rather backwards if you ask me, but due to the way our culture is busy ignoring all the giant pink elephants stomping around, I am even more emotional than usual.

Change is good! I hate it of course, it’s terrifying, and should be avoided at all costs, but without it you get the distinct impression that everything is stagnant and going sour, in a state of decay. Someone smart once said, “you’re either living or you’re dying.” There is no in between place.

Has anyone seen Uncle Screwtape? I really miss him. He is a good friend of mine. His nephew, not so much. Total amateur.

“She’s the sort of woman who lives for others – you can tell the others by their hunted expression.”― C.S. Lewis, The Screwtape Letters