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For those who don’t know, there’s been a bit of dust up in my neck of the woods that has now gone viral and even been picked up by several major media outlets.

An 80 year old woman objected to finding a young man in the women’s room at the YMCA while she was naked and showering. Naturally she has now been banned from the pool for all her alleged “bigotry” and “intolerance.”

That’s how it all works here in the land of peace, love, and patchouli. We’re completely dominated by authoritarianism and cancel culture and there is no justice, no grace, no compassion, it’s just, “my way or the highway,” 24/7.

If you want some good journalism and plain facts about the matter, here is who originally broke the story. There has also been some follow up here.

I actually have a lot of feelings about this incident, a lot of triggers, and of course my eternal flame of burning rage that revolves around the fact that our local leadership continuously creates man made disasters that hurt a lot of people before self righteously patting themselves on the back for being so virtuous.

It grieves me that we’ve been raising children and educating them within a toxic and dysfunctional public school system for decades. This grandma is not the only casualty in this story. I don’t know who thought that putting this 18 yr old employee in charge of helping little girls undress was a good idea.

I also have some feelings around, So like, where have you people been for the last 40 years? It’s almost darkly humorous when those who have been outspoken about destroying traditional values and objecting to all things Christian, suddenly find themselves naked and face to face with exactly what they’ve spent decades advocating for.

Liberalism really is a mental disorder.