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This video is a news report interviewing neighbors from Portland, Oregon and not from my neck of the woods. I’m in a rural area and much farther North, but yeah, I totally get it.

I especially get the tears, the frustration, the sense of complete powerlessness. I empathized with the woman who spoke about being afraid to go to work when you have some grown man meth raging in your driveway.

Those feelings about how “nobody cares” run deep. This is like complete abandonment by law enforcement, by civil authorities, by politicians, by leadership of all sorts. It’s hard to even go to work, tough to run a business, and nearly impossible to protect your property. It’s kind of like living in a 3rd world country with crumbling infrastructure and corrupt city officials.

Anyway, I just wanted to post this and say, this is a totally man made disaster. It didn’t have to happen. This is the result of failed leadership, rampant political corruption, and complete neglect. Elections have consequences and the consequences from the last one really bite.