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Don’t mind me, I’m just venting! Ha! I just cannot abide those who can’t “fight like a man” and that goes for the women, too. Conduct thyself with a tiny bit of maturity, for crying out loud.

It’s a real blight on the butt of modern humanity, I tell ya. It’s like a little child whining, “mom, mom, he just hit me for no reason……. because I kept poking him with a stick.”

I can’t stand people who create drama, self inflict their own wounds, and then they want you to not only heap compassion and sympathy on them, but also to fix it for them. Go punish the “bad guys” for me, I didn’t do nothin’. Just tell me I’m awesome.

Save me, rescue me, fix it. See, I told you they were bad people….

It never seems to occur to anyone that they are often their very own “bad guy.” It’s kind of like creating a big mess in your own room and then complaining to me about how oppressed and persecuted you are because, now you have to live in this big mess. It’s so unfair. Whoever did this to me is so mean…

Appeals to authority really tick me off. Triggered, I tell ya! It’s probably because I am the oldest child and than became a caregiver with a heaping side dish of co-dependency, gravy and all.

You need to be really, really careful when nurturing all those precious, precious feelings of persecution. Just saying! It’s kind of like a drug or a temptation. Don’t get drunk on your own pity party.

Sometimes people accuse me of just, “blaming the victim.” This annoys the crap out of me too, because often the alleged “victim,” is the one screaming in people’s faces or making threats or poking people with a stick.

Long ago, 1964, Eric Berne wrote a book called “Games People Play.” It was kind of the beginning of introducing “Transactional Analysis” to the pop culture. It’s an imperfect and flawed book as is much of modern psychology, but it’s got some real gems in it, some marvelous nuggets of wisdom. A good chunk of those floating around on the internet really need to read it.

Another way of saying “transactional analysis” is, observing and analyzing relationships between people.

“Adulting” has gotten a bad wrap as of late. In fact, it’s bizarre that adulting is even a thing, a thing you should get a sticker for, a reward like it’s an unusual, a major feat. What the heck is that about?? Anyway, I just want to say, embrace the idea of being an adult. Relating to others as if you were an adult is a whole lot more fun then what we got going on right now.