First let me say, I am quite fond of several flat earthers. They have blessed me, taught me a lot of significant things. For one, just look at this little meme. How do you know if what you believe is a genuinely held belief, well reasoned, a matter of personal conscience and conviction, versus just believing in something because it’s popular and socially acceptable, and demanded of you?

Become a flat earther, you’ll find out real quick.

So I have a great deal of respect for anyone brave enough to question the narrative, to dare to suggest that perhaps we should think critically and ask some questions rather then simply complying with what we’ve been told and swallowing the narrative whole.

Ai yi yi, you have no idea how prophetic that notion has been over the past couple of years, but I digress. I’m just going to say one thing, slapping the label “science” on something and demanding people bow down before it isn’t “science” or “truth.” “Respect the science” is actually a disingenuous religious statement. Science is an inanimate thing, it does not require your respect and it is not insecure about allegedly being dishonored.

So my bit of folklore Christianity today is this crazy narrative that tries to suggest that science and Christianity are not compatible because they are polar opposites. Au contraire, science done properly, (meaning based on observing the world around you not just branding products for public consumption) is quite compatible with faith.

Somebody smart once said, “A little knowledge of science makes a man an atheist, but an in depth study of science makes him a believer in God.” My father was a physicist. There are numerous Christians who value science, who study science, who work in science fields. It is so ironic, Darwin was not even a scientist. Bill Nye is not a scientist. And Bill Gates is not a doctor!

However, I’m going to also suggest that a big part of Christianity involves a willingness to let go of the need for people favor and social approval. Letting go of worldly approval. We don’t often experience that in the Western world and perhaps we should.

Jesus came to set the captives free. So if you are afraid, (note the fear or manipulation at play) and are forced to say, of course I believe in evolution, of course I believe the earth is round, of course I believe the dead can’t rise, well you can see the problem there. Like it or not, we serve a supernatural God who rose from the grave on the third day, one who spoke of the sick being healed, the Red Sea being parted, and disembodied hands writing on the wall.

I snagged the name insanitybytes because at some point in my life I realized I’d rather hold hands with the Holy Spirit and be perceived as crazy, then to gain the approval of the so called “sane,” scientific, and well reasoned. Also, I’ve walked among those people. Trust me, half of them are outright bonkers, too.

I’m not going to confirm or deny flat earth theories or evolution because I just don’t know. I am going to confirm however, that I happen to currently be standing somewhere on God’s firmament and not just free floating through space.