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Recently I was lounging in my hammock because I have a tough life, when there was a great clatter, birds squawking, pine needles flying. I sat up just in time to see this hawk swoop down and snatch up a little bird and that was just that. Cold blooded murder on a sunny afternoon.

I have a dark sense of humor sometimes, so the juxtaposition between Snow White twilling with the forest creatures on a sunny day while in the background they just rip one another limb from limb, made me laugh.

Somebody smart once described mother nature as, “creating without purpose and destroying without reason.” I don’t subscribe to such notions, but that quote often comes to mind when people speak of, “saving the planet.” Pretty sure you people have no idea who you’re dealing with.

Anyway, mother nature cannot have a morality, ethics, a value system. Like, she doesn’t care who goes extinct or what species are endangered. She is not a vegan. And if you guys want to trash your habitat and live in a radioactive wasteland, it’s no skin off of her nose.

“Selective evolution” is just a term I came up with for those who believe in a little bit of science or a little bit of evolution. They just edit out any parts that might contradict their worldview. For the longest time now I’ve been saying, “viruses always mutate and weaken.” People who should really know better have been hollering at me, “No, they grow into superbugs like a character in a Marvel comic book and then they go right for world domination! We need ever more powerful vaccines to fight them off and I know this because Elmo on Sesame Street just made a cross referenced, peer reviewed, scientific video!”

I might have to put that one on my resume. Once lost a “scientific” debate to Elmo from Sesame Street. True story, it really happened. So, there is not one darn reason for us to be injecting children with an experimental substance for a virus that hardly affects them at all. We haven’t even studied the long term impacts on their health! The children will be the experiment, and that realization is enough to make me hyperventilate and wail in despair. But if Elmo says it’s a good idea, who am I to argue?

So, I am just having an emotionally challenging week. I can’t stop it, I can’t change it, and I can’t accept it.