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Sometimes I get busy living life, doing faith, and trying hard not to react to contemporary world problems all around me, so I forget that a big part of blogging is also about having a love for writing and a fondness for some good storytelling.

Does anybody need any good story ideas? I do not! I am laughing here, what I need is a peaceful life and a chance to actually get bored. Just once I should like all my conspiracy theories to be completely wrong like, sorry there is just nothing here, you must have eaten some bad pizza or something.

The other day I read about a spider research facility right down the road from a nuclear power plant. Now tell me that is not a story just waiting to be written.

Anyway, this week I was quite charmed by Pastor Randy’s “Saying Goodbye” I really enjoyed how he wove that tale. Motorcycles, you’ll love it.

E-Tinkerbell wrote a good one too, called “The Dark Side of Talent.” I suppose we’re all teachers in one way or another, but she has captured the essence of what we hope for, what we dream of, the opportunity to show someone that, “we decide what we want to be.”

I love rebels of all sorts, this should come as no surprise, but it is vital that we put our talents to good use and become a rebel with a clue, rather than a clueless one. Clueless rebels are a dime a dozen, but those who learn how to harness and refine their innate skills are absolutely priceless.