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Scarcity is man made, a part of the worldly system, whereas the kingdom of heaven is abundant, vast, infinite, plentiful, always more than enough.

This was really apparent to me watching the great baby formula shortage and our recent empty shelves. People are getting hysterical, there just isn’t enough and we’re afraid babies are going to starve. In the midst of all this I just kept thinking, wouldn’t it be so amazing if God had thought to provide us with some way to feed our babies that was organic, sustainable, abundant, and even free?

For those out of the loop, He did exactly that already.

Being told we can’t live without Big Pharma produced artificial baby formula is an example of man made scarcity. This horror has been going on for a long time. In the 70’s and 80’s there was a great boycott of Nestle because they would go into developing countries, get all the mothers dependent on baby formula, make a ton of money, and leave. Well, not only is formula expensive, you run out of money, you can’t feed your baby anymore, but safe drinking water is also hard to come by. A whole lot of babies died. In fact, UNICEF declared formula fed babies in the 3rd world were 25 times more likely to die of disease and diarrhea. Not only were they often drinking contaminated water, they weren’t getting any immunity from their mother’s milk.

It was a recipe for complete disaster. Once you start formula feeding babies, you tend to stop producing milk too, so it was a huge disaster.

This is not a post about making mothers feel bad if they’ve ever fed their babies formula or used disposable diapers. This is simply an example of how the world works, one of the many pitfalls of capitalism gone awry. It’s not unlike drug dealing, you simply create a need, create a dependency, and then proceed to sell people the only cure.

We need surprisingly little to survive. God is the God of all provision and He designed a really amazing and abundant situation. More than enough. It’s human greed, insecurity, and envy that often keeps us trapped, that makes us vulnerable to every con artist and two bit salesman who comes along. We immediately become convinced we can’t live without whatever they are selling.

It can be really challenging to break free of this mindset, to embrace life and life abundant instead. We are programmed, indoctrinated, and taught to not trust the natural world, the world God designed for us, and to doubt His goodness. Nature must always be improved upon, it’s not good enough, we need to “make it more fair.” You got to watch that desire to make nature “more fair.” I mean, not everybody at Nestle was greedy and evil, many of them just wanted to get good nutrition into babies in the 3rd world. As they say, “the road to hell is often paved with good intentions.”

Nestle has been back on the radar again regarding politics, profits, food shortages, and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, which is what brought all this past history to mind. I should do some research, develop a proper article, but I think our time is better spent learning to trust in the Lord, learning to lean into Him and His abundant mindset. God doesn’t just give us life, He gives us eternal life, more life then we can even wrap our brains around. He doesn’t just provide us with sand on the beach, He gives us more grains of sand then we can even count. He is rich and abundant with His time, with His provision, with His favor, with His healing, with His grace.

It’s really challenging sometimes because we have the world working against us 24/7, but the more we can trust in what He says, “my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus,” the happier we will be. We can be content and secure, rather then trapped in anxieties and fears of perpetual scarcity.