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Are you somewhat logic driven? I’m not suggesting that’s a superior way of processing information, I’m just saying, the world done lost it’s mind, so pray for your logic driven friends.

We are so not okay. Random chaos and complete irrationality really mess up our day.

I had a powerful revelation the other day, not ground breaking news, but a revelation just the same. Like, wow, we people are just so incredibly self absorbed and it completely clouds every aspect of our judgement! I already know this in my head somewhere, but I really got to smell the colors and taste the rainbow.

First there was this seriously injured deer that had to be put down. Yes, shot. We don’t have rehab, physical therapy, and caregivers for all the humans, let alone all the deer. This caused a great deal of outrage and shrieking here in the 9th circuit of hell. It’s completely valid, justified, celebratory even, for a woman to kill a fetus because it is inconvenient, but killing a deer is just an unforgiveable sin.

I don’t get it.

Second, the covid restrictions on evictions have now worn thin, and this along with a housing shortage is causing no end of grief. There is much talk about tenants rights and needing mandates against landlords who don’t want to house people. They do not have the right to decide who gets housed in their rental! Sheesh, I know an older woman who has been couch surfing and sleeping in her car, because there has been a two year eviction moratorium and she has not been allowed to legally reclaim her own property. Apparently forced pregnancy is really, really bad, but forcing people to give up their residence for grown freeloaders is really good.

I don’t get it.

Also, these blasted vaccine mandates! Hardly anyone cares because it isn’t all over the mainstream news, but Pfizer did a huge document dump. Surprise, not only are vaccines not as effective as we were told, they have some potential health risks. Major ones. In fact, the FDA has finally decided to limit Johnson and Johnson due to potential blood clots, some of which have now proven to be fatal. The only immunity we seem to have created is for the pharmaceutical industry. Anyway, I’ve spent two years locked down while people have screamed at me about how my body does not belong to me and what a horrible person I am, literally killing people. In fact, I should be shunned, cast out of society, and permanently unemployed for even daring to suggest, “my body my choice.”

If you haven’t gone numb yet, or developed a splitting headache, we also happen to be working very hard to try to make “birthing persons day” more inclusive this year. I’d explain about the many different genders who give birth, but I’m not a biologist. Perhaps you could ask Rachel Levine, now named “woman of the year?” I apparently, have now lost my womanhood credential.

As an actual birthing person, I’ve never cared much for the holiday. Ironically neither did the gal who once worked so hard to get congress to approve it. She recanted, spent a lifetime protesting against it, and eventually died, alone, penniless, and half mad. One of my favorite lines simply says, “Anna Jarvis grew disenchanted.” It should be noted that neither Anna Jarvis who helped create Mother’s Day nor Rachel Levine, the 4 star general and current “woman of the year,” have ever had any children.

Which brings me to my final point about the disenchanted and the half mad. By whose standard? By what measure? I mean, where is our baseline and what are we falling short of? What makes something “disordered?” In a chaotic and random world devoid of all structure, how does one even identify what is out of bounds and off the wall? Just the simple act of labeling oneself “disordered,” seems to imply there is some place of order in the universe where things ought to make sense.

I suppose the only ones brave enough these days to really call themselves disordered, half mad, and disenchanted, would be mothers. Everyone else is apparently quite normal and sane, cheerfully living in a world with no baseline.