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Does anyone ever study what it really means to be “wise as serpents??” Alas, probably not nearly as much as we should be.

First of all, serpents are not literal snakes, nor are they simply a crafty and devious evil cartoon critter in a garden long ago. Serpents are “guardians of the temple, protectors of sacred places” pretty much throughout much of human history and mythology. The Bible is no different in how it uses the symbolism of serpents to convey ideas and communicate concepts. “Serpents” and “seraphim” are actually a transliteration of the same root word.

That’s what makes the fall in the garden so horrific, so vile, such a betrayal, because it was perpetrated, instigated by a, “guardian of the temple, a protector of sacred spaces.”

That is partially what it means to be “wise as serpents,” it is to be a “guardian of the temple, a protector of sacred spaces.” It has nothing to do with being crafty or manipulative or devious. It means to be alert and aware as to who you are and Whose you are, and what your job is.

“Seraphim” in Hebrew doesn’t mean to slither on the ground, it means to “burn with flame.” The Seraphim are guarding the Holy of Holies. Ha! They are not fire breathing dragons or flame throwers, either. The “flame” is not just a weapon, it is a Divine spark they are carrying within. They are the burning ones.

In John 3:14 Jesus says, “And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up.” There is a lot more going on behind the whole concept of “serpents” than what meets the eye at first glance.

I really love John 3:12, “If I have told you earthly things, and ye believe not, how shall ye believe, if I tell you of heavenly things?” I empathize deeply with God trying to communicate with us, trying to communicate with me! These are big ideas we have no real plane of reference for, no lived experiences to fully enable us to connect the dots. It’s like trying to download watermelon ideas into a pea brain.

God talking to us is a bit like trying to teach quantum mechanics to some grazing sheep. Given those conditions, I am constantly in awe of what a miracle it is that God can communicate with us at all, or that He even tries! The analogies Jesus draws for us in the Bible, the parables He tells, are just astounding. They are wise as to the nature of human beings.

Anyway, back here on earth, I was recently disappointed by a bunch of celebration about how the Supreme Court is now going to over throw Roe v Wade. I realize it is a heated emotional issue and that clouds our judgement, that clouds our vision. Just the same, we need to step away from feel good quick fixes and bandaid solutions. You can’t wipe off the outside of the cup and just call it good. The law does nothing to fix the condition of the heart. “There oughta be law” is so not the path to better morality and ethics! Also, the government should not be the vehicle from whence our values and healing come.

Also, this is such an obvious false flag, a blatant diversion, so transparent to the point of embarrassment, that it actually annoys me. They are putting barricades up and preparing for riots. The rule of all totalitarians is always, “separate, divide, control.” You create civil unrest and get the people fighting one another in the streets so they are no longer paying attention to what you are doing. So you first create a state of emergency, than you declare a state of emergency so as assert control, to be perceived as a great hero bringing order to chaos. Then you demonstrate to the people that you are the great defender, the sole protector of their rights. See, if it wasn’t for us fighting for you, you would lose all your abortion rights.

People really need to ask themselves, what conservative part of our Supreme court, what liberal lovers of the law have just woken up and suddenly felt Divinely inspired to set things right?? I mean, come on. There are no “accidental leaks” from the Supreme Court.

Left leaning people have been taught to believe there is this great invisible boogeyman who holds all the power, the “far right,” evangelicals, white supremists, the privileged, “The Man,” and they believe in this phantom adversary, even when they hold all the power themselves, even when he is nowhere to be seen.

“The far right is trying to take away our abortion rights,” is already being chanted right here in liberal-ville, where the closest thing we have to the “far right” within a hundred miles is actually just someone like me, currently sipping tea and wondering if the sun is ever going to come out today. But the truth doesn’t matter so much, this is just an effective dog whistle to get everyone all excited and amped up.

So the first rule of thumb, don’t allow yourself to be used as a useful idiot. Don’t play their game. Don’t be a puppet on somebody else’s string. Don’t fall for foolish tricks. Don’t let your emotions dictate your behavior. Don’t respond to dog whistles.

Please don’t be a useful idiot.

I would so like to see greater wisdom in the Body of Christ, but perhaps it is there already? All in good humor here, but I always have to remember that those of us most likely to be shooting off our mouths all over the internet are not necessarily the control group.