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I am a terrible person laughing at someone else’s expense, but in the midst of some heavy stuff and a lot of gloom and doom, this kind soul decided to provide us all with some major comic relief by falling into an outhouse and needing to be rescued.

She dropped her cell phone in a pit toilet on the top of a mountain, and she was from California, so bonus points. I am chuckling, I was also born in Ca, left when I was two so it hardly counts, but many locals have still not forgiven me, like my own husband who has never failed to mention it when things get heated. Oh yeah, well I may have been born in Ca but at least I wasn’t dumb enough to marry “one of those people….”

Anyway, she dropped her phone in the outhouse and decided to tie together some dog leashes like a rope and go down in after it. Needless to say, it didn’t work out well for her and she wound up hanging upside down and unable to get out. Fortunately the weather is a bit warmer so more people were around, or else she would never have been rescued.

Speaking of rescues, pray for the first responders, I suspect it was a real crappy experience. Alas, she was in genuine danger so they couldn’t just lower a ladder and let her crawl out herself. Instead they had to go in and get her. I guess they now have bragging rights, but I bet some of them are revaluating their decision to go into a helping profession.

As funny as it all is, she is actually lucky to be alive. It gets really cold up there at night and there is no lifeguard on duty.

I am grateful for the humor however and also grateful for the reminder that things could always be worse. I will now begin each day by declaring, no matter what I face, at least I know I am marked safe from falling down an outhouse today.