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First let me say, I really like Sean Feucht, I think he is adorable. I’m really grateful for his worship all across America. I’m really proud of how he stood firm in Seattle and Portland. That was so not for the faint of heart! They had to go up against public officials and law enforcement and some people threw buckets of blood on them. It’s a war zone sometimes, I’m telling you.

Just the same, there is a separation, a disagreement, minor but substantial, and it makes me hesitate. He has written his “open letter to church leaders” that has really helped to solidify my objections. Right out of the gate, what is with this constant obsession with “leadership” within the church? Are we people not called to be “followers” of Jesus? Where are all the followers conferences? Isn’t the church supposed to be place for followers of Jesus to gather? Don’t we followers of Jesus take the church out the door with us and attend to our ministry as His representatives?

The job of leadership is to “equip the saints.” Instead we have all these churchian hierarchies going on where everyone is in competition for a leadership position, also a book deal, an album deal, a podcast. It does look just like the world, the corporate world, the entertainment world. The Christian world is all about instagram, skinny jeans, shiplap, and book signings.

I have very little use for any alleged church “leadership.”

Next he speaks of “unfriending the world.” Well, that’s sort of Biblical, except the church practically invented the very notion of modern cancel culture! The church has been unfriending those perceived to be their “enemies of God” since forever. Single moms, rape victims, child abuse survivors, domestic violence victims, the divorced. I want to believe people in the church are set apart, different from the world, but we’re often not, we’re still people. People are broken, fractured, imperfect. We don’t love one another properly, heck we don’t even know how to. Most of the time we’re just a bunch of self righteous virtue signalers.

That’s where the left learned how to do it so well.

To really irk my feathers, he says, “It is time to retake the high-ground, and start dictating the terms of the fight!”

Dictating? Seriously? Dictating??! After the past two years of complete bovine poo, this is the best you can come up with, more dictating? So, the totalitarianism is not the problem, the dictating is not the problem, the problem is that WE aren’t getting to be the dictators in charge?


Let the record show, the church will never dictate anything to me, ever. I’ll cheerfully die first. I serve a Lord who came to set the captives free and “whom the Son sets free is free indeed.” I take my freedom very seriously.

Sigh. Sean seals the deal even more by writing, “Whatever happened to the “moral majority” of the 80s, and “Focus on the Family” in the 90s, and the church leaders’ collective discernment, conviction and unity to organize boycotts and raise a standard?”

Isn’t it incredible how one person’s memory of an alleged paradise is another’s nightmare? I really stepped into faith in the 80’s-90’s because so many of the moral majority were just faceplanting, scandal after scandal, affair after affair, corruption after corruption. Like literally the Lord said, okay girl, are you going to just sit there quietly and let a pedophile be the only one left to publicly represent me? Over and over and over again. It was a bit like trying to get a stone to cry out because I didn’t even want to tell people I was a “Christian.” Why? Because it’s usually “the church” who comes after you! That unveiling, that ugliness, was washed in the tears of so many child sexual abuse victims, hundreds of them, thousands. I lost count.

What a beautiful time to be alive, the immoral majority was in charge of the church.

True story and it’s hurting some people’s feelings, but I can hardly stand the sight of conservatives these days! I grow weary of hearing about all the pedophiles in Hollywood, the erosion of our public schools, as if this is something that just started happening last week. I’m not even a spring chicken anymore! Where the heck have you all been???

The prostitutes that literally walk the streets of Hollywood, both boys and girls, average 14 years old and they’ve been walking those streets for well over a century. Same is true in Seattle or Portland or any other major city. I was taught in public school about the alleged joys of gender identity, CRT, socialism, transgenderism, and Marxism some thirty five years ago. Where have you even been??

Sometimes I get worried because the church has so little authority, but most of the time I rejoice, because the church has so little authority. That means God does and He is taking it back for Himself. That’s what I want to see, Jesus sitting at the head of our table once again. If Jesus is not the head, what use is the church??

He concludes by saying, “I will gladly choose to unfriend the world if it means friendship with Christ.” Yes well, “ For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.”

It’s a good thing Jesus didn’t sit around like the church does today, busy trying to figure out who to unfriend next, because a good chunk of the church wouldn’t even make the cut.