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I have been closely tracking the great truck convoy for freedom going across Canada in protest of vaxx mandates. Trudeau tried to dismiss them alleging they were just a tiny fringe group of extremists. Methinks not on account of the fact that those trucks just go on for miles and miles, one of the largest convoys I think I’ve ever seen. Even better, the unity and support across Canada has been a sight to behold. Everywhere you look, up and down the roads, on overpasses, are great crowds waving and cheering their support as the trucks pass through, so, so many trucks it takes hours for them to all pass. Even more amazing, it’s like, 7 degrees out there! People pouring out into the streets to greet those trucks in frigid weather, is so not a fringe group of extremists.

It’s just a beautiful celebration of solidarity and unity, a celebration of humanity and freedom.

Which all brings me to my favorite trucker, to Paul Curran , who is gone now but not forgotten. Cordelia keeps his guest posts all neat and tidy for anyone who wants to read them. Five years later many of us in bloggerville still miss him, still mourn him. It’s hard to describe what made him so special, a richness of spirit perhaps, a genuine concern for others, his fondness for telling a good story? Regardless, he was a rare gem who touched a lot of people he never even met in real life. That is a life well lived.

I was feeling a bit melancholy, a bit sad because Paul wasn’t here to see the great trucking convoy, perhaps even to join it. I told the Lord I really regret he is missing out and darkly humorous, but the Lord said, Seriously? You would drag the poor man out of paradise and throw him out in 7 degree weather?

Okay, so perhaps I’m being a bit selfish.

The Lord also spoke to me about regrets and time, about how time is eternal and abundant, not scarce and limited. Nobody “dies before their time.” Nobody is cheated, nobody is “cut off too soon,” or all the other things we tend to say when people die before we are ready. For Christians this is a promise, a certainty. We cannot run out of “eternal time” nor can “life everlasting” be cut short. We just step from glory to glory, from one room into the next.

Paul and I had some great chats about such things, about metaphysics and metaphors, and the nature of time. I sure miss him, but I miss him with gratitude, with thankfulness that the Lord saw fit to drop him in my life for a moment or two.

I’m not sure if he can see all the trucks from where he is, but if he could I bet he would be so proud, proud of Canada and proud of those truckers. I know I sure am.

Here’s a sweet video, kind of a tear jerker.