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I speak of course of Philippians 4:8, trying to keep my eyes on whatever is lovely, so as not to just lament and complain about the all happenings, all the goings to and fro in the world.

Chuckling here, but that’s a bit difficult when you haven’t got a life! No need to feel bad, not having a life is kind of the goal, something older people tend to start to understand a bit better then young ones.

I don’t take great pictures but I do love this really gnarled up tree with spider branches going in all directions. Hubby said it looked like a tree that had just been chewed up and spit out, so naturally I felt some sudden kinship with it.

It seems as if absolutely everyone has covid right now. Even many of my friends in bloggerville are recovering! As unpleasant as this is, it is exceedingly good news. Viruses always mutate and weaken. Herd immunity has nearly arrived! “Highly infectious” rather than meaning “big, bad, and scary,” often means “mild.” Some of the most successful coronaviruses today are just called “colds.” That’s because they are not hellbent on world domination like some people I know. Viruses simply want to spread and multiply.

Needless to say, here in nuttyville that means many of our politicians are now in full blown panic mode, which is a scary place for the rest of us to be.

There is also this looming conflict on the horizon with Russia and I am like, No. Let’s not go there. I do not have a medical degree nor do I have a degree in foreign affairs. Just the same, this is basic discernment 101, a matter of common sense, and a big “nope.” On the bright side, I’ve been able to practice my deep breathing and my deep praying to relieve anxiety.

You can worry or you can pray. The worrying part does not add a single day to your life. Might as well pray.

I took this picture which I just love. It is so dark it almost looks like moonlight, but it’s actually a sunbreak right in the middle of a storm. I kid you not, we were hiking along this bluff and I was grumbling, “Lord, it’s so dark and gloomy today.” Poof, the heavens literally parted and the sunlight just poured out across the water and through the trees. I would not have been the least bit surprised if a symphony had started playing.

Hubby and I continue to walk everyday. Everyone is in relatively good health. I haven’t lost my sense of humor. I still have a job. The Lord dropped a sunbeam right on me and broke the gloom. Life is good.