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Herd immunity is where we are heading, and herd immunity is where we have always been heading. Politics, power, control, delusions of grandeur, vax mandates, are all just the vain imaginings of little men. They are mindless shriekings and endless noise in the middle of a beautiful, still night.

I’d like to pause and just honor God, celebrate the fact that we are wonderfully and fearfully made. Our bodies are so efficient at keeping a bazillion germs at bay, that 99.99% of the time, we don’t even notice how active and busy it always is. When we do start to feel icky, that’s not really about “germs” infecting us, that is our beautiful immune system working harder than usual. Germs don’t make us feel lousy, our bodies do that when they are heartily fighting an infection.

I kid you not, the next time you get sick, just start praising God for each symptom, for the evidence of a body so well made and perfectly designed, for the opportunity to just rest and abide, to celebrate His design, to celebrate Him, and to surrender control.

Surrendering control can be challenging, but sadly many of us have found it easy to just surrender all to the convoluted institution of Western medicine and corrupt public health systems rather than to God Himself. Western medicine is a tool, not a deity, and not the One who designed us, and far too often, driven by profit and power.

I used to kick and scream, have a fit, grumble and complain, resent the interruption of sickness. Somebody run and get me some Nyquil so I’m either rendered unconscious or the symptoms are so masked I can just pretend they aren’t even there. Let’s not forget all the emotional drama and baggage too, how you should be ashamed of getting sick, must be something wrong with you. Also, obviously you’re just milking it to avoid coming to work so you can deliberately make our lives harder. We all work when we’re sick, what a slacker you are.

Oh my goodness, I could post pages and pages of other people’s baggage, of outright emotional abuse and trauma around sickness. Again, it’s just all this endless noise in the middle of a beautiful, still night.

Yeah, right now, even in the midst of an alleged pandemic, you really only need to quarantine for five days and then you better come to work! Read a couple articles today, some hospitals are actually telling employees, if you’ve been vaxxed, you test positive for covid, and you feel sick, we still need you to come to work anyway! Yeah, the healthy are fired, but if you’re vaxxed, test positive, and feel really sick, it’s totally cool. Say wut?!

Not science, people. Not about our health and well being. We just done flew over the cuckoos nest, is what has happened.

I am sick so infrequently, that the last time I got a bug, I hit it immediately with gratitude and thanksgiving. I kid you not, I was actually excited to greet it. I have not had an opportunity to lie around watching old movies and eating chicken soup, since forever. What a glorious experience! It helps that I was also suddenly unemployed and had no small children running about. But also, our immune systems need exercise, just like our bodies do! It’s actually not good if you are never sick. So feeling lousy is an opportunity to rest and refresh and to exercise your immune system.

This is all very easy for me to say on account of being rather healthy at the moment. I am just saying that I strongly believe attitudes need to change, that we have been subjected to a ridiculous amount of fear mongering, and that beneath it all is this lie, this idea that “modern medicine and science” are all that stand between us and death, that “they” are the ones in control of our health. Who is “they?” Well, anybody who stands to make a profit promoting such notions.

“We” really need to take charge of our own health. Take back our own sovereignty! Besides a heavy infusion of much needed common sense, prophesying good health over ourselves and honoring our design, are significant components of that.