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I thought this was a really thought provoking post, Captains Log, “After Lies.” Read it, it’s brief and worthwhile but basically, “What do we do after determining we’re being told lies?

It’s a really profound question both for us as individuals and collectively as a country.

My snark-o-meter just wants to quip, “Nothing. Those of us determined to never learn usually just repeat the same lessons, over and over and over again.

Just kidding, but actually that’s very true! As the saying goes, “those of us who DO learn from history are forced to just sit back and watch the others repeat it.”

In an individual situation when you discover a deception, a lie embedded somewhere in your soul, you have to pluck it out and replace it with the truth. Counteract it with reality. Metanoia, repentance, change your mind. “The truth shall set you free.”

Something that I think is very challenging for our country as a whole, the same is true collectively. When we discover we’ve all been lied to, WE have to repent. This is kind of tricky emotionally because we often want to the liars to repent. Right? I didn’t do it, I’m the victim here!

It feels terribly unfair, but it’s not up to the bad guys to change. WE have to repent of whatever caused us to believe the lie in the first place. Sometimes we have to repent for being vulnerable and having been taken advantage of. We may have to repent of having been poor stewards of ourselves. Sometimes we have to repent of having allowed someone unworthy to have authority over us. We might have to repent of placing our trust in the wrong people. We might have to repent of ignoring or disregarding good advice and choosing to believe a lie instead.

Who knows, people are complicated and so it can be an individual laundry list of assorted repentance, a tangled web of lies, one built upon another. Regardless, I’m a firm believer in the idea that there are no victims in heaven.

That’s a spiritual statement, a metaphorical concept, a stance and an attitude, not a condemnation of people who have been victimized.

I’ve repented a few dozen times of what happened and what has continued to happen to some of the people involved in the protests on Jan 6. I’ve repented of being powerless to protect and defend due process, repented of living in a country that has forgotten the importance of truth and justice. An innocent woman was murdered outright. People have been given outrageous prison sentences, and we have all been lied to. The media and politicians deliberately lied to us and they will continue to lie to us until we say no more.

We repent because if you willingly swallow blatant lies long enough there comes a point where you just become complicit with the lie and you are now actively endorsing deception and injustice.