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I speak of course, of Michael Foster and Dominic Bnonn Tennant’s book, “It’s Good to Be a Man.”

I haven’t read it myself, but it’s all the rage among the Screwtapes and all the outrage among the chronically outraged.

I know a wee bit about the men’s rights movement and the red pills and about my decade long quest to not have rabid patriarchalists, red pills, and pick up artists infiltrate the church and begin to bend doctrine in a way that is well, clearly immoral, wrongheaded, and abusive towards women.

The left thinks that’s what the church is all about already. Those who react in this manner dance to their tune. You become the caricature they wanted in the first place. You are being played.

There’s this other guy, a rather perverse and broken man, this guy who writes about the alleged Biblical justification for beating your wife and other assorted sexual perversions and he just gets every darn interview, writes every article, gets invited to every podcast. I’ve been passed over several times in favor of his stuff and I never understood why, but I sure do now. He serves the narrative, he represents the caricature being used to dismantle the church, and to slander the right and therefore win elections.

Vote for us or this guy will be in charge, is almost enough to convince me! That guy is flippin creepy. I don’t want that, just show me what box on the ballot to check. It works, it has been a really effective game for decades, because we are prideful and arrogant and dumb, and therefore easily played.

For crying out loud, red pill stuff is so reactionary and emotional, it is almost laughable. You are not following the Lord, you are not being independent and radical, you are dancing like a trained seal to someone else’s tune.

The Bible says, “there is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death.” That is the “wise woman” of Proverbs speaking up, the one who also says, “The house of the wicked will be destroyed, but the tent of the upright will flourish.”

I’d rather that the shabby remnants of what is left of the church today, not be destroyed. But if it is going to become unrighteous, a “house of the wicked” where women have no voice, abused children have no recourse, and it’s just “good to be a man,” well then I shall cheerfully toast marshmallows and sing sea shanties while it all burns.

Needless to say, few will even listen to me, especially the chest pounders who are not sure if women should be speaking up at all. What can I say, Jeremiah was a bullfrog and good friend of mine. Jeremiah the weeping prophet, the one nobody ever listened to but God told him to speak anyway? We are brother and sister, he and I.

I happen to know that Dominic Bnonn Tennant was once excommunicated from a reformed Baptist church in a manner which I would describe as, unjust and biased, the joys of cancel culture in action? Something like that. I just mention it because not even being heard, knowing the deck is stacked and the game is rigged before you’ve even begun, is the same thing that has afflicted women within patriarchal churchian culture for centuries!

How ironic.

It’s really challenging to try to explain this truth to a group of people who spent last year doing things like, preaching about the alleged sin of empathy. Shoot, empathy is all I have to plead my case with, an appeal to some brotherly compassion, an appeal to fairness and soft hearts? What do you do when you are one who is not even supposed to speak and whose only potential weapon has already been labeled a, “besetting sin?”

That’s what I call a, stacked deck and a rigged game.

There are some things just forever etched deep into my soul. The suffering of women and children at the hands of men. I’ve just seen too much. So much injustice, so much pain and sorrow, all because of a system that just thought, it was good to be a man. That system was actually a secular one, not a churchian one. This system some are trying to embrace within the church today is a secular one, not something that is taught in the Bible. It is of the world.

I don’t wish to malign anyone or imply anything, but I do want to take note of the fact that up until 2004, Dominic Bnonn Tennant was a pretty prolific and outspoken atheist. That doesn’t mean his faith isn’t true, I am just flabbergasted that he has suddenly become an alleged expert on not just men and women, but on Christian doctrine! For goodness sakes, I’ve been married longer than this man has even been alive.

Just go ask former Seattle Mayor Ed Murray if it’s good to be a man. Go ask why the names of all the clients in the Ghislaine Maxwell trial must be sealed. It’s good to be a man. Those prison guards who falsified records when Epstein died, no charges. It’s good to be a man. Every injustice, every evil in our world right now is based on the idea that, it is good to be a man. “It is good to be man” creates a worldly hierarchal order, a power structure, one where what you do doesn’t matter, it’s all about who you are.

“There are none righteous, not one”……just flies in the face of, “it’s good to be a man.” “While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us,” just flies in the face of, “it’s good to be a man.” Shoot, even Jesus Himself says, “Why do you call me good? There are none good but God alone.”

Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Every. Single. Time.