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So many things going on in the world right now seem to revolve around the concept, do we have a right to defend ourselves?

Giving full legal immunity to the pharmaceutical industry and mandating vaxxs by Gov coercion and force is about taking away our right to defend ourselves. The Kyle Rittenhouse trial was about whether or not that kid had a right to defend himself. Watching riots and protests, watching businesses get burned and looted while cops were forced to stand down, was about taking away the right to defend ourselves. The malicious prosecution of several people on Jan 6 who were invited into the people’s house to protest was about, taking away our right to defend ourselves.

It should come as no surprise that I am strongly in favor of yes, we have the right to defend ourselves. In fact, it is such a sacred right, God Himself grants it to us. We have the right to turn away from Him if we so choose. We even have the right to lament, complain, petition, and argue with Him if we need to. So the all powerful, Creator of the universe who always has our best interests at heart, grants us the freewill and the right to defend ourselves, even against Him. That’s a sacred right, Divinely modeled for us.

Speaking from experience here, God is the one thing we should run towards, fear not, and fully embrace. God is good, always. I’m just saying if we do pull away, He honors that. It’s hugely important, structural even. Divine. Holy. Just.

Never mind the secular world, the worldly world, or politics right now, the church has really struggled with this concept, too. There is history there, huge divisions. I’m a protestant, although united with Catholics all over the world (Ha!) whether they want me or not, I am just saying, “protestant” is about having the right to defend your matters of conscience. To protest.

In America, many of our foundational structures revolve around having the right to defend ourselves. We have property rights, criminal rights, the right to petition our leaders, and the right to vote them right out of office. We have the right to defend ourselves, individually and politically. These are rights enshrined in the US Constitution. They are always being challenged, threatened, so they must be fought for and preserved.

I am chuckling here, this truth seems quite clear to me but apparently it is a matter of great debate. Apparently I am narrow minded and uncompromising.

Why yes, yes I am.