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Okay, so I live in this land of extremes trapped somewhere between the far left and the far right, possessing very little loyalty towards either group. It’s more like sheer survival on my part, adaptation, trauma avoidance, and constant healing. I mean seriously, does it really matter which side of the cliff we accelerate towards?? Either way, I do not think the crazy clowns should be driving and I do not look forward to the landing.

Let’s slip in the Christian factor where alas, culture is clearly evident in the church, too. There is a definite power struggle between the woke and the unwoke. I got the rainbow pastor out marrying gay people but I also got the guy with the bullhorn just screaming, “God hates you, repent.”

I’m not complaining by any means, I just want to point out that in the last 15 years, neither one of those guys have ever realized, I’m actually their neighbor. They are driven far more by ideology, then by an ability to see people as Christ sees them. Or really to see anything beyond the tip of their own noses. Ha!

All in good humor here, but my great claim to fame is having united all sides in their desire to just tell me to go to hell and dismiss me out right. You betcha, from both atheists and righty tighties all the same day! My Lord was once falsely accused of having a demon so I figure I must be doing something right.

Somebody smart once taught me, you don’t have to choose. In fact, anytime you are confronted with two extreme wronghead choices, that is just the enemy talking to you. Anytime fear is introduced and you better choose right now or else, you can be certain that’s the enemy yapping at you. You. Don’t. Have. To. Choose. Not ever.

Those questions often look like, So who is first in the kingdom? Which disciple is better? Can any good thing come from Nazareth? You better pick your tribe! You better choose right! I have to fight these things 24/7 because I have my own preferences, my own biases, too. At the end of the day however, I don’t really care whether my tyrants come from the left or the right, I’m just allergic to tyranny in general and completely disinterested in accommodating bullies.

The future of mankind does not rest on our shoulders, on our individual choices, or on our “correct” tribal proclamations. I really do believe in the sovereignty of God. If Nineveh is to be saved, He will just send a whale and do it with or without your cooperation. If you fail to sing, He’ll just make the stones cry out. While we all have responsibilities, very little rests exclusively on our shoulders.

So I feel compelled to say, humble thyself. “Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” Our fight is not with people, but principalities and powers. There are hostile Christians all over social media right now engaging in outright hatred, like the hatred of minorities, Jews, and women. Just because false accusations have arisen and people are currently offended by everything, doesn’t grant you a free grace card! Yes, the real racists and haters are currently dancing a jig and having a field day because being called out for obvious hatred now has little cultural meaning.

I fully understand the theology, even the psychology, behind imprecatory psalms. I’m not saying they should never be celebrated, I’m saying that most people should not be cursing their enemies because our own hearts aren’t right. Deal with your own heart first. Jesus said, love your enemies, bless them that curse you. Don’t try to argue that you’re just trying to bless them with a thousand fleas infesting their camels.

Also, as wonderful as David was, we aren’t supposed to be following him! Jesus on the cross says, Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do. Stephen has a similar heart and guess who stands up and recognizes him?

Let me specifically address a lot of women, submit to the Lord. Soften yourself. Gentle your spirit. Stop screeching, that’s almost always fear speaking. Chuckling here, because I am a real fighter in my own way, too! I like to be out there on the front lines fixing stuff. The Lord started pulling me away from that mindset a wee bit, a few years back. It’s been a wonderful journey! So much growth has come from just listening to Him, from trusting in Him. The world really needs women, but it needs our softness, our empathy, our gentleness, and our unwillingness to do it all, be it all. We don’t have to save the world, Jesus already did.

It seems like much of the Christian world wants revival and for our enemies to fall, and while those are all good things, what is really so needed right now is more humility, more repentance, and more grace towards one another. Gentle spirits don’t give way to fear, and since we are a culture just awash in a tsunami of fear, we clearly need more gentle spirits.

That is very counterintuitive. I don’t know about the rest of you, but when I am under attack, my first thought is not, okay, so let me soften my heart and gentle my spirit. That actually takes a great deal of strength and courage. And we really do need to see a whole lot more of that in the world.